Scholarship Students Share Their Stories and Appreciation

When you attended Roosevelt University, there is a good chance you received help in the form of scholarship dollars either from an individual who established an endowed scholarship or directly from the University.

Thanks to the generosity of Roosevelt’s alumni and friends, scholarship dollars continue to provide the financial assistance that contributes to students’ success.

Our students are committed to the power of education and social justice practices that have defined Roosevelt since its founding in 1945. While they sometimes face challenges as they figure out how to meet financial needs, juggle work schedules, academic workloads and personal lives, these students also are extremely grateful for the financial assistance they receive — as you will see from their comments.

The stories shared here are about scholarships received both from endowed funds, which provide educational dollars in perpetuity, and annual scholarships, which are funds received for immediate use. Endowed scholarships and general scholarship money provide our students with the means to continue toward their goal of joining the ranks of proud Roosevelt University alumni.

Many of our students are the first in their families to go to college. They embrace the University’s mission and work very hard to obtain their degrees, and scholarships help them achieve their educational goals and dreams.

Dalal El-Barbarawi
Recipient of the Thomas P. Dengler Scholarship

Dalal El-Barbarawi holding a thank you sign

Dalal El-Barbarawi, a biochemistry major and recipient of the Thomas P. Dengler Scholarship, wrote of her Roosevelt experience: “The students and staff here truly believe in social justice and an equal opportunity for all. Better yet, the opportunities I have gained at Roosevelt in just my first semester are ones that I would have never received at any other higher learning institution. My first semester was filled with massive opportunity and amazing professors whom I will never forget!”

El-Barbarawi also wrote about the importance of receiving financial assistance: “This scholarship means a lot to me. With my father’s recent illness and inability to work, I had to take a full-time job to help fund my education. This scholarship helped me fund books and made another semester at Roosevelt possible.”

Sarah Kovich
Human Innovation Endowed Scholarship

Sarah Kovich holding thank you sign

Sarah Kovich, a Chicago College of Performing Arts violin major, wrote: “My anticipated degree is much more than a piece of paper to me. These past four years have been incredibly difficult personally and academically, but I made it this far because of my burning passion for music. Thank you for spending your time and resources to aid those who need it the most; your efforts are deeply appreciated.”

Alan Rojas
Recipient of the Milton Goodman Scholarship

Alan Rojas, a political science major and recipient of the Milton Goodman Scholarship, wrote of his future education plans: “I entered RU with a major in political science and just recently, I added a legal studies minor as well. I chose this specific major and minor because of the fact that I hope to one day become an immigration lawyer or a public defender. I believe this would be the most efficient way to give back to the community as well as ensure that social justice is legally extended to all people. I have such a passion for my major.”

He also wrote that his scholarship “was essential in allowing me to pursue a college education. I am the first in my family to go to college. We all sighed a breath of relief when my family heard I was lucky enough to receive the Milton Goodman Scholarship because it helped ease the financial burden.”

Robert Rugamba
Recipient of the Robert Miner Scholarship for Graduate Students

Robert Rugamba holding #YouMadeItPossible sign

Robert Rugamba, a graduate computer science student, received funds from the Robert Miner Scholarship for Graduate Students. He wrote that the scholarship has been “a great privilege and I’m grateful for your continued spirit of generosity. I hope to be as generous as you’ve been to me and the many other recipients of this great scholarship.”

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