Service Project Info for SUST 350 (Fall 2020)

Hey, SUST 350 students! One of the unique experiential learning (EXL) features of our online section of SUST 350 Service & Sustainability is that you get to determine what your individual service project is for the Fall 2020 semester. This is your chance to contribute to the sustainability efforts of an organization you care about that is advancing sustainability and/or enhancing resilience within in your home or neighboring community, in the city of Chicago, here at Roosevelt University, or even beyond the borders of the Chicago region. It also serves as an analog to the on-site service work at Eden Place Nature Center and Farm performed during the last several years by students in past F2F versions of this course.

So what counts as a suitable project in this context? And what do we mean by community-based sustainability work? You will address these questions from the perspective of your own personal/academic knowledge and background, work and educational experience, personal interests, geographic range/limitations, and personal/family safety considerations here in the Covid-19 era.

My own general answer as the SUST 350 instructor is that there are a wide variety of service projects you can undertake, whether in person or remotely, as long as they contribute in some form or fashion to the advancement of any one or combination of the Three Es of sustainability within a given community — environment, economy, and/or equity — which in turn impact the resilience of that community.

For more detailed information on the service project component of our class, check out this document: 350 Service Project Info 2020Fall (pdf)

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