The Mansfield Institute for Social Justice and Transformation’s┬ámission is to raise awareness of social injustice while engaging in action-oriented projects that lead to progressive social change.

The Mansfield Institute at Roosevelt University is committed to programing that will raise awareness of the political, economic, and racial context of injustice and promote social change. The Institute is committed to supporting students, faculty and community organizations through research, activism, and advocacy.


Special Education Advocacy

Training Surrogate Parent Advocates

Focus: Latinx Communities


There are many flaws in all levels of our justice system. One shortcoming exists with cases that have been court diverted and put on informal supervision. This means that these cases will not go in front of a judge and youth must plead guilty; in return they are kept out of the Juvenile Detention Center and must check in with a probation officer regularly. Youth at this level of the juvenile justice system receive no special education services that may help them avoid future run ins with law enforcement. Special education services can make the difference between a youth staying in school and a youth entering the criminal justice system. The Mansfield Institute recognizes this problem and has established a special education advocacy office in the Juvenile Detention Center, where in partnership with probation officers and a retired CPS principal, youth receive services to which they are entitled. Working closely with youth and their families, SPED services are explained to families and if mutually agreed upon the SPED services are initiated immediately on site. Afterwards, SPED advocates follow up with families until services are put in place.

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