Steve Balkin

Director of the Self-Employment Research Project

Roosevelt University
Department of Economics

Office Chicago Campus, 430 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60605
Room 401 (Auditorium Bldg.)
Phone (312) 341-3696 (Office); (312) 341-4358 (Econ Dept.)
E-mail sbalkin@roosevelt.edu
Fax (312) 341-3762 (Econ Dept.)

Classes Taught

Econ 102 Principles of Microeconomics
Econ 423 Price Theory
Econ 370/470 Economics of the Public Sector – Public Policy
Econ 403 Economics for Decision Makers


Economics of Crime
Economics of Entrepreneurship
Urban Economics

Research Interests

Outdoor Markets
Urban Development
Micro-Enterprise Development
Informal Sector
Poverty Alleviation
Criminal Victim Interaction
Cultural Preservation
The Roma

You only preserve what you care about; and you only care about what you understand.

— Discovery Channel Show about Grizzly Bears.

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Pics of Balkin in the Field (https://blogs.roosevelt.edu/sbalkin/picsfield)
Selected Field Videos (https://blogs.roosevelt.edu/sbalkin/evideo)
Balkin’s Publications Online (https://blogs.roosevelt.edu/sbalkin/steve-balkins-online-publications)
Website about Outdoor Markets – Openair Market Net (http://www.openair.org)
Romani (gypsy) Culture on the Internet (https://blogs.roosevelt.edu/sbalkin/roma)
Maxwell Street Market Vendors Association/El Maxwell Street Market AsociaciĆ³n de Vendedores(http://maxwellstvendors.wordpress.com/)
Roosevelt University Economics Department (http://www.roosevelt.edu/CAS/Programs/ECON.aspx)