My Favorite Links Related to Economics


Paul Krugman Unofficial Archive

Paul Kugman’s Archive

Peter Singer

Blog Posts, Letters, OP-EDs – Steve Balkin’s

City Needs New Policy for the New Maxwell Street Market: an Open Letter to Mayor Elect Emanuel

Fee Hikes To Kill  Spirit of New Maxwell Street Market

Sell Michigan to China: Financing a US Economic Recovery


Barbara Ehrenreich

Becker-Posner Blog

Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal

Daily KOS

Dani Rodrik

Dean Baker


Eric Nilsson

Robert Reich

Data and Tools

AEI-Brookings Cost of Iraq War – simulation

Economagic Economic Time Series

Favorite Economics Songs

A Tale of the Ticker by Frank Crumit (1929)

Economics Rap by Stafanski and Dewaele (2007). Amateurish but cute.  If you think you could do better, show me.

40 Hour Week (For A Livin’) by Alabama (1985)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Song
NPR Radio broadcast – lecture and samples April 21, 2001

Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin (1970)

Money Money by John Kander and Fred Ebb (1972); sung by Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey

Poor Man’s Heaven by Bud Billings & Carson Robison (1930)

The Internationale by Eugène Pottier (1871) and Pierre De Geyter (1888).

The Farm Relief Song sung by Vernon Dalhart aka Mack Allen  (1929).

Tips on the Stock Market, a monologue by Eddie Cantor (1929)

“In between takes at a recording session on what turned out to be Black Tuesday, 29 October 1929, Cantor was making sarcastic remarks that had the musicians and recording engineers cracking up. The head engineer suggested he record his remarks as a monologue.”


I would like to thank Andy Senior, 1930s music expert and DJ of Radiola, , for suggesting many of these tunes.

Government Policy

Federal Reserve Board – News and Events

Federal Reserve Board Schedule

phone number of Federal Reserve Board  Public Affairs Office = 202-452-2955

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Federal Reserve Beige Book for the 7th District, Chicago-the Midwest.  Published eight times a year, is a summary of commentary on current economic conditions in each Federal Reserve District.

Meta Websites

Resources for Economists on the Internet

My Topical Websites

Economics of Happiness

Economics of Water

Online Markets

Iowa Electronic Markets (IEM)



Wang Hui – a leading Chinese Intellectual

Yoram Bauman – standup economist

10 Principles of Economics


The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics and Liberty (by the Liberty Fund)

Some Economics Dictionaries

Economics A-Z,  from the Economist

Social Justice

Faithful America – community of people of faith for a more just and compassionate America

Jubilee USA Network – drop the debt to the world’s poorest countries

ONE Campaign – to fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries.


Tch-econ – an Email discussion list about teaching undergraduate economics

Archives of Tch-econ

From ABBA to Zeppelin, Led: Using Music to Teach Economics

Think Tanks

Center for Economic and Policy Research

Economic Policy Institute

Heartland Institute

Levy Economics Institute

New America Foundation

Progressive Policy Institute

Zines, Newsletters, and Directories

Heterodox Directory

Heterodox Economics Newsletter

Monthly  Review Zine