Maxwell Street

Maxwell Street was one of Chicago’s earliest neighborhoods — its immigrant gateway, its oldest integrated community, a hotbed of entrepreneurial capitalism, the forerunner of the shopping mall, the origin of the Maxwell Street Polish Sausage (Chicago’s signature food) , and the birthplace or urban electric Blues, the precursor to Rock n Roll.

This page is dedicated to preserving the culture of the old Maxwell Street neighborhood by documenting its people and trying to help the New Maxwell Street Market survive.

Posts about the Maxwell Street Market – old and new

The Roar of Irony is Deafening: Statement on Preservation Conference on UIC Campus, Feb. 10, 2012

City Needs New Policy for the New Maxwell Street Market: an Open Letter to Mayor Elect Emanuel

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Community Meeting Squashes Free Speech – Attempts to Deny Maxwell Street Market a Voice – November 25, 2008

Fee Hikes To Kill Spirit of New Maxwell Street Market – November 21, 2008

Below is the trailer to the documentary film, Cheat You Fair: The Story of Maxwell Street. I am not in the trailer but am interviewed in the film and served as a technical advisor to it.

Below is an interview with me from Cheat You Fair.

Searching youtube using the term “Maxwell Street” produced over 80 entries.


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