Maxwell Street Blues Heritage Website

This website was created to help preserve the Blues culture of Maxwell Street especially as seen through lives of its residents, merchants, and musicians.

Since working on Maxwell Street preservation, I have had the dubious honor of attending funerals of many of its luminaries.  There are not many of the old timers left.  For those who are left and active, I  wish to help promote their activities so we can imbibe the rare cultural gifts they still bestow on the world. – Professor Steve Balkin, Roosevelt University, November 27, 2007.

This page inaugurates with the work and activities of Bluesman, Frank ‘Little Sonny’ Scott Jr..


Press Release, November 27, 2007

Images of his Folk Art

Frank and friends

Frank whistling and playing guitar

Frank in dress attire to attend the funeral of one his closest Blues collaborators, Johnnie Mae Dunson-Smith

Frank Scott Jr at the New Maxwell Street Market, 2005 — flickr photo set

Frank Scott Jr on Fox-TV, 2006

Frank with Reverend John Johnson, owner of the famous Blues Bus, at the New Maxwell St. Market, March 2007

Clarence Little Scotty Scott (no relation to Frank but is a Blues colleague) in the parking lot of the funeral home where mutual friend Johnnie Mae Dunson-Smith’s funeral took place.   I hope to set up a webpage for Little Scotty also.


There are several webpages about Frank at the archived version of Preserve Maxwell Street. Look at