Guest Lectures & Workshops

“Sustainability and Social Justice: Intersections and Imperatives in 2019.” Guest speaker for SPEED Dine & Dialog, Roosevelt University, Chicago IL, 20 Mar 2019. (Pp) and (pdf)

“Water in the City: Learning from Waterways in Urban Ecosystems.” Invited talk for Environmental Studies Department at Sacramento State University, Sacramento CA, 4 Feb 2019. (Pp) and (pdf)

“Water in Chicago.” Invited talk and workshop for teens at the Chicago Public Library’s Sherman Park branch, Chicago IL, 7 July 2018. (Pp) and (pdf)

“Hunger in the City: Food Access, Urban Agriculture, and Community Sustainability.” Keynote address at the Oxfam Hunger Banquet, Roosevelt University, Chicago IL, 16 Nov 2017. (Pp) and (pdf)

“Sustainability at RU.” Faculty presentation to Admissions Office, Roosevelt University, Chicago IL, 25 Aug 2017. (Pp) and (pdf)

“Students and the Sustainable Future.” Faculty presentation for Admitted Students Day, Roosevelt University, Chicago IL, 29 Apr 2017. (Pp) and (pdf)

“Introducing Rooftop: Second Nature: Remarks at the Opening Reception.” Gage Gallery, Roosevelt University, Chicago IL, 9 Feb 2017.

“Sustainability @ RU: A True Story of the Astonishing and Amazing Power of Students to Change a University and, Quite Possibly, the World.” Faculty lecture for First Wave Summer Bridge Program, Roosevelt University, Chicago IL, 9 Aug 2016. (pdf) Workshop (with Yessenia Balcazar and Moses Viveros) for Student Orientation Leaders, Roosevelt University, Chicago IL, 19 Aug 2016. (pdf)

“Sustainability and Science at RU: A Truly Killer Combo.” Faculty lecture for Science Student Research Symposium, Roosevelt University, Chicago IL, 15 Apr 2016. (pdf)

“Sustainability and Urban Nature: An Introduction to Roosevelt University and Exploration of Urban Nature.” Faculty lecture for McHenry D156 Student Visit, Roosevelt University, Chicago IL, 17 Apr 2015. (pdf)

“Sustainability at Roosevelt: What’s Going On, What You Can Do.” Guest lecture for LIBS 201 Writing Social Justice, Roosevelt University, Chicago IL, 24 Mar 2015. (Ppt slides and pdf)

Invited panelist for public symposium on sustainability and spatial justice (“Is It Just Space?“). Institute of Cultural Affairs, Chicago IL 7 Oct 2014. Co-sponsored by the Center for Humans and Nature and the Chicagoland Sustainability Leaders Network. (images for discussion [pdf])

Participant/Author, “Relative Wild” Writer’s Workshop with Robert Michael Pyle, Center for Humans and Nature, Crested Butte CO, 21-23 Sept 2014.

“Reading the Book of Nature: May Theilgaard Watts’ Art of Ecology.” Science and Education interchange Lecture Series, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago IL, 5 June 2014. (pdf)

“Sustainability and the Future of Cities: Connecting Curriculum to Community.” Guest lecture for Faculty Sustainability Retreat, Joliet Junior College, Joliet IL, 1 June 2014. (pdf)

“Sustainability and Food: Food Deserts, Urban Agriculture, and the Bigger Picture.” Guest lecture for Prof. Mike Maly’s SOC 212 Contemporary Urban Issues class, Roosevelt University, Chicago IL, 19 Nov 2013. (pdf)

Introduction of keynote speaker Dr. Sandra Steingraber. Great Lakes Bioneers, Roosevelt University, Chicago IL, 1 Nov 2013.

“Sustainability at Roosevelt University: Facilities, Academics, Partnerships.” Faculty lecture for Waubonsee Community College retreat, Roosevelt University, Chicago IL, 9 August 2013. (pdf)

“Sustainability and Urban Nature: An Introduction to Roosevelt University and an Exploration of the Chicago River.” Lecture for CIMBY (Calumet Is My Back Yard) Student Leaders campus visit day at Roosevelt University, Chicago IL, 12 July 2013. (pdf)

“Sustainability in the Suburbs: From Oak Park to Schaumburg to Joliet.” Invited Lecture for Earth Month, Joliet Junior College, Joliet IL, 25 April 2013. (pdf)

“Urban Nature in (and around) Joliet: Sensing Place and Finding the Wild.” Invited Lecture for Family Environmental Literacy Night, University of St. Francis, Joliet IL, 15 April 2013. (pdf)

“Paddling the Chicago River: A Good Way to Think about Science, Art, Ethics, and the Sustainability of Cities.” Augustana College Winter Symposium, Rock Island IL, 23 January 2013. (pdf)

“Creating a Sustainable Future: Sustainability and Interdisciplinary Education.” Invited Lecture for Joliet Junior College Faculty Retreat on Sustainability, Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, 3 June 2012. (pdf)

“Sustainability Studies: College and Career Opportunities.” Guest lecture for AVID student program at Wheeling High School, Wheeling IL, 18 May 2012. (pdf)

“How Much Does the Chicago River Cost?” Video lecture for One Nation under Construction, a multimedia production of the Chicago Architecture Foundation, Feb 2012.

“Sustainability and Water.” Guest Lecture for Prof. Fredric Miller’s Introduction to Sustainability Seminar, Joliet Junior College, 14 November 2011. (pdf)

“Sustainability and Climate Change: Thinking Critically about Science, Policy, and Ethics.” Guest Lecture for Prof. Andy Carter’s First Year Seminar, Roosevelt University, 10 November 2011. (pdf)

“Sustainability — Beyond the Classroom.” Invited Faculty Lecture for Earth Week, Prairie State College, Chicago Heights, IL, 20 April 2011. (pdf)

“Sustainability and Interdisciplinary Learning: Environmental Education in the Metropolitan Environment.” Invited Faculty Lecture for Sustainability Seminar Group, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN, 5 April 2011. (pdf)

“The Chicago River: Biodiversity, Urban Ecology, and the Sustainability of Water Resources.” Guest Lecture for Prof. Norb Cordeiro’s Environmental Biology class, Roosevelt University, 8 Nov 2010. (pdf)