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Lynn Margulis, Influential Evolutionary Biologist, Dies at Age 73

One of the giants of 20th century microbiology and evolutionary theory, Dr. Lynn Margulis of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, died at age 73 this past Tuesday, Nov. 22nd. Margulis was a brilliant scientist and gifted writer who not … Continue reading

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Who’s Funnier — Jerry Seinfeld or the Joliet City Council?

Two weeks ago my wife and I took a rare break from our humdrum lives as sleep-deprived and chore-obsessed parents of small children, and indulged ourselves in a night’s entertainment at Joliet’s historic Rialto Theatre, which for one glorious and … Continue reading

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EPA Research Fellowship Opportunities for Fall 2012

This fellowship opportunity just crossed my desk. I’m sure the application process is rigorous, but the SUST major at RU qualifies as an eligible program of study, according to my quick scan of the applicant requirements. If you’re entering your … Continue reading

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