Scientific Charity and the Charity Organization Society

Stephen T Ziliak

Articles, chapters, and reviews on “scientific charity” and the charity organization movement in the United States, by Stephen T. Ziliak


Stephen T. Ziliak, “Self-Reliance Before the Welfare State: Evidence from the Charity Organization Movement in the United States,” Journal of Economic History 64 (2, June 2004): 433-461.

The pdf is here: Scientific Charity – Evidence from a Natural Experiment (Ziliak)

Reagan and Hayek, looking nervous. Most predictions about the effects of welfare reform in the 1990s prove to be incorrect - a fact which I predicted in a series of articles comparing 19th and 20th century attempts at welfare reform. Stephen T. Ziliak, “Kicking the Malthusian Vice: Lessons from the Abolition of `Welfare’ in the Late Nineteenth Century,” Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 37 (2, Summer 1997), pp.  449-68.  Kicking the Malthusian Vice _ Ziliak thesis chp-1995

Published in a special issue on the comparative history of welfare reform, 19th and 20th century: with Robert Margo, Joan Underhill Hannon, Kyle Kauffman, and Lynn Kiesling.

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Stephen T. Ziliak, “The End of Welfare and the Contradiction of Compassion,” The Independent Review I (1, Spring 1996), pp. 55-73.

The pdf is here: The End of Welfare As We Know It (Not) Ziliak 1996

Stephen T. Ziliak, “Some Tendencies of Social Welfare and the Problem of Interpretation,” Cato Journal 21 (3, Winter 2002), pp. 499-513.

Stephen T. Ziliak, associate editor and author, Public Assistance: Colonial Times to the 1920s” (with Joan Underhill Hannon), Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to the Present (Cambridge University Press and U. S. Bureau of the Census, 2006).  General Eds. Susan B. Carter, Richard Sutch. 

Stephen T. Ziliak, “Poor Law—United States.”  Pp. 274-7 in John M. Herrick and Paul H. Stuart, eds., Encyclopedia of Social Welfare in the United States (New York: Sage Publications, 2004).

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Read Ziliak’s March 2001 Journal of Economic Literature review article of A.B. Atkinson’s The Economic Consequences of Rolling Back the Welfare State: Ziliak JEL review of Atkinson Welfare State

Ziliak review of Joel Schwartz’s Fighting Poverty with Virtue: Moral Reform and America’s Urban Poor, 1825-2000 (Indiana University Press, 2000), The Independent Review 6 (2, Spring 2002).

Ziliak review of Gary R. Lowe and P. Nelson Reid’s The Professionalization of Poverty: Social Work and the Poor in the Twentieth Century (Hawthorne: Aldine de Gruyter, 1999), Journal of Economic History (Fall 2000).

Ziliak review of David Hammack’s, ed., Making the Non-Profit Sector in the United States: A Reader (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1998), Journal of Economic History (March 2001).

Ziliak review of James L. Payne’s Overcoming Welfare: Expecting More from the Poor and from Ourselves (New York: Basic Books, 1998), The Independent Review IV (1, Summer 1999), pp. 144-7.