Roma Struggles Around the World (In re-construction)

Struggles of the Roma (Gypsies) Around the

If you love their music, you must love and respect the people
who created and play it.  If you care about human rights, civil rights, and
helping the vulnerable, disadvantaged, and displaced, this is a time to make a
stand.  The Roma are facing widespread discrimination,
anger, and violence all around the world.  I ask that you learn about their
struggles, sign petitions, and be an advocate.

— Steve Balkin, Professor of Economics, Roosevelt




European Parliament Votes Against French Roma Expulsions
(September 10, 2010)

Inside Story – The fate of the Roma in Europe (September 7,

Italians protest against expulsions of Gypsies – PressTV 100904
(September 4, 2010)

Inside Story – Deporting France’s Roma (August 29, 2010)

France: Roma not Welcome | European Journal (August 19, 2010)

Riz Khan – Expelling the Roma (August 3, 2010)

Gipsies: victims of the prejudice (February 2010)  France24

Gypsy: The New Black? (Inside Out
London, BBC1) – 2008

Roma Websites

European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC)

Idebate’s Roma Buzz Aggregator

Romano_Liloro – Regular updates on Roma issues for Roma people
and their supporters around the world

Roma Rights Network (from Vancouver)

Romani CRISS –
Roma Center for Social Intervention
and Studies – in Romania

Voice of the Rrom – from France

Patrin – Romani Rights

Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005–2015 (a commitment to improve to
socio-economic status and social inclusion of the Roma by Albania, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia,
Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Spain.)

European Roma and Travellers Forum 2004-2010

Roma Education Fund

Romani Archives and Information Center (RADOC) – The University
of Texas at Austin

Human Rights Websites

EVERYONE – Group for International Cooperation on Human Rights
Culture – based in Italy


‘The Roma Are EU Citizens — Everywhere in the European Union’ –
Spiegel Online International,1518,715900,00.html

“Europe Should Learn from the US Experience of Desegregation”

Why Martin Luther King Matters To Europe’s Roma