Institutional Review Board (IRB)


Submission Information

  1. Go to the “Fill out application” prompt in the IRB Manager site.  There are 12 pages of questions and descriptions and attachments you will need to fill out as part of submitting your application.  This includes:
    • Your email
    • Project Title
    • Name of your faculty advisor
    • Abstract of the project
    • Specific project start dates and end dates (the end date should NOT be listed as “indefinite”)
    • How confidentiality of data will be ensured
    • How any risks to individuals or participants in the project will be managed and minimized
    • How data will be secured and destroyed when the project is finished
    • Assurances concerning Conflicts of InterestNote: The page requesting information on the “Sponsor” refers to the entity responsible for financially supporting the project (i.e. do you have a grant for the defined project or are funds supplied from University resources?). All McNair students will respond “yes” to this question and indicate McNair as the sponsor.
    • If funds are thru the University, please insert “Provost’s Office” in this prompt.
    • If the research involves any grant fund that supports student research – please include this information (e.g.: University support for student research)
  2. Please note that as you fill out each page of questions, you will not be able to advance to the next page if some field is missing or incorrectly answered.  You will be prompted to correct these deficiencies.What is CITI?
    CITI is a web-based tutorial program which must be completed by all student and faculty researchers. It ensures researchers are up-to-date with standard ethical and legal practices regarding research in their area of study. IRB Manager is synched with the CITI website, and will include documentation of CITI certification at the time of your IRB submission.

    You will need to register for the CITI program thru your institution (Roosevelt University).  This process requires contacting the IRB Office for information on what courses are best aligned with your research goals and a password reset if you are locked out of the system or forgot your password.

  3. If your project extends beyond one year, the RU-IRB will revalidate project approval annually.  You will be asked to provide a progress report prior to IRB annual reviews.
  4. If there are any changes to your study (changes in number of participants, recruitment, new surveys or interview questions, new co-investigators) you will need to submit an amendment with your faculty advisor/mentor approval.
  5. The RU IRB meets monthly.  Your project application will be reviewed, and any additional information may be requested prior to approval.  Hence, the process for getting IRB approval may take 2-3 months; please include this time frame in your project planning.
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