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Doria Johnson (center, arm raised) celebrates unveiling of Anthony Crawford marker

Alumni News – Spring 2017

A Tale Untold: Preserving a Family’s History The erasure from history of the lynching of her great-great-grandfather put Roosevelt University alumna Doria Dee Johnson (BA, ’07) on track to become an African American historian and international human rights activist. A decade after graduating with a bachelor’s in history, Johnson is now close to completing a

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They Do What? Avocations of Roosevelt Faculty and Staff

Our faculty and staff sometimes take a break from their work at Roosevelt University. Many of them are bloggers, competitive runners, cooks, golfers, tennis players, gardeners, volunteers or gamers. But sometimes, their extra-curricular activities are a bit unexpected.

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Archival Document

Treasures in the Attic: The Roosevelt University Archives

Did you know that Roosevelt is also distinguished for its archival collections? Faculty, staff, students and alumni from around the world have used these archives to study a wide array of topics related to the University, the city of Chicago, architecture, African-American history, music education, the history of higher education, the labor movement, and the New Deal.

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Where RU? Fall 2016

We’d love to hear what you’ve been up to! Please send us your photo and an update!

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