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The Leading Edge of Social Justice

Roosevelt University was one of the first fully integrated colleges in the United States, one of the first with an integrated faculty and Board of Trustees, and one of the first to promote social justice and human rights as core missions.

Change Agents

Meet five alumni who have dedicated their careers — in the classroom, on the basketball court, and at the concert hall — to serving others.

Why Innovation Matters

Innovation is a term as overused as multitasking or empowerment. Yet at its basic form, it means taking an idea and translating it into a form that creates value.

Video: John Kafka and the YMCA College

Only months before the Nazi invasion, John Kafka escaped from France and arrived in Chicago. The YMCA College alum remembers his time as a student in a “strange world.”

President’s Perspective

It is easy to imagine that the inclusivity and diversity embraced by Roosevelt University at its founding are now the ethical norm throughout the land. Sadly, that is not the case.