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McCaffery Interests, Inc. Fund for Real Estate Entrepreneurship Undergraduate BSBA-RE Degree Program

The goal of the Scholarship is to recruit, educate, financially assist and support the next generation of real estate leaders. Preference for scholarships will be directed towards students from underserved communities.

Student Requirements

Entry Requirements

Applicants must meet the current admission requirements to the real estate major in the HCB.  In particular, scholars will be completing/have completed their first 2 years of undergraduate studies with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and have declared their intent to pursue their business major in real estate. Students will have submitted their FAFSA forms to the University identifying their financial need.

Program Participation Requirements

Students will be required to (a) maintain a GPA of 3.0; (b) be continuously registered; (c) complete the Institute’s professional training courses; and, (d) fully participate in Institute and Northern Builders’ scholarship fund activities. The BSBA-RE degree must be completed within two years after initial enrollment in the real estate major.

Program Elements:

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Selected students, depending upon financial need,  are eligible to receive an annual scholarship of up to $7,500/ year for up to two years (or a maximum of $15,000) to complete the BSBA-RE degree program.


Students will be assigned an advisor from the Institute to provide guidance concerning their academic choices, as well as other counseling during their studies.


All students are expected to participate in the Institute’s mentoring program. Mentors can provide shadowing, attendance at events, exposure to the industry, and professional advice and interaction.

Industry/Student Forums

The Institute will involve the students in all of its educational and program activities.  A student membership in an industry organization will be provided.

Career Evaluation

Each semester the student will have an opportunity to review career options with the industry mentor. It is expected that scholars will pursue internships during their studies in the real estate program to obtain “hands on” experience.

Industry Placement

Students will be informed of full-time, internship and other job opportunities through the Institute.

Professional Training Courses

All scholarship students under the Institute’s real estate programs are require to attend the on-site Institute training courses. The courses are free and include:

  • Information/real estate technology classes – including industry programs such as Argus, CoStar and STDB.
  • Professional and Personal Skills – Business etiquette, presentation, networking and time management skills.
  • Business writing – composition skills – composition, document organization, resume preparation, etc.

Graduation and certificate:

Upon graduation, scholars will receive a special certificate as a scholar of the McCAFFERY INTERESTS, INC. FUND FOR REAL ESTATE ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

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Undergraduate Scholarship

Collete English Dixon • March 24, 2020

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