“The Girl and the Bicycle” by Mark Pett

Writer and illustrator Mark Pett has practiced his craft in Philadelphia, Prague, the Mississippi Delta, and Cambridge, Massachusetts. In addition to illustrating several books, Mark is the “authorstrator” of The Boy and the Airplane and The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes. He is also the creator of the syndicated comic strips Mr. Lowe and Lucky Cow. He lives in Salt Lake City. Visit him at MarkPett.com.



Read Aloud Tips

  • Introduce the book by asking the students about a time when they really wanted something and had to work very hard for it.
  • Look through the pictures and have the students guess what will happen next.
  • Before finishing the book, have the students predict what the little girl will do when she realizes the bike is gone?
  • Use the book to introduce a kindness initiative in the classroom, having students selflessly do good things for others.

Like an old black-and-white movie, this companion to The Boy and the Airplane (2013) will remain charming and relevant—the old story about what you get when you give never really gets old. – Kirkus Reviews

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Information Sheet – The Girl and the Bicycle

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