“The Girl” by Lauren Ace

Lauren Ace is from south Wales, studied Drama at the University of Exeter and now lives in London, where she has worked in publishing for over ten years. An award-winning publicist, Lauren looked after Julia Donaldson during her tenure as Children’s Laureate and has managed campaigns for World Book Day and the announcement of Chris Riddell as Children’s Laureate. The Girls is her first picture book.



Read Aloud Tips

  • Before introducing this book, discuss friendship and what it means to be a friend.
  • Look through the pictures and have the students guess what will happen next.
  • Use the book to talk about famous friendships in history. Have the students come up with common characteristics in these friendships and debate why they have lasted so long.
  • Have the students talk about a good friend in their life. What do they like about this person? Why is this person their friend? How did they chose this person to be their friend?

Ultimately, this could read like an aspirational vision of friendship for girls, but it will likely also find a readership among women who see their own bonds reflected. … Although the ostensible audience is children, this book also has gift potential among adult women. – Kirkus Reviews

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