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In Memoriam

Spring 2020


Patty Barnes (Non-Degree Program in Music, ’40)
Gladys Johnson (BA English, ’42)
Rivian Shamberg (BA Sociology, ’42)
Robert McCafferty (BA Political Science, ’43)
Walter Kuhn (BS Biology, ’47)

Joy Slabaugh (BS Biology, ’47)
June Yoshimura (BM Music, ’47)
Ruth Goodman (BA Sociology, ’48)
Marilyn Horwitch (BA Education, ’48)

Norene E. Neaylon (BA English, ’48) of Lake Forest, Ill., died on October 29, 2019. Norene started her career working for Encyclopedia Britannica and later became a teacher. She taught at the Seward School in Oak Lawn, Ill. and finished her teaching career at The School of St. Mary in Lake Forest.

Pierre Rothstein (BS Biology, ’48)
Leonard Zurakov (BA History, ’48)
Arden Bode (BS Biology, ’49)
Jean Frankel (BA English, ’49)

Ilse Glaser (BA English, ’49)
Arthur Granston (BS Biochemistry, ’49)
William Krugman (BSc Accounting, ’49)
Jack Poncher (BSc Marketing, ’49)

Norman Rachlin (BSc Accounting, ’49) died November 12, 2019. He served in the Army during World War II and was awarded the Purple Heart. Norman opened his accounting practice in Miami Springs in 1955 with his wife Reva as his first and only employee. His business continued to grow and by 1983, Rachlin & Cohen became one of the largest CPA firms in America.

Sidney Rubin (BS Biology, ’49)

Bernard Winslow (BSc ’49)


Charles Biondo (Non-Degree Program in Music, ’50)
Sheldon Engerman (BA Sociology, ’50)
David Handler (BSc Marketing, ’50)

Herbert Nudelman (BA Political Science, ’50)
Sherwin Arthur Herzog (BA Art, ’50)
Dr. Leon D. Stein (BS Biology, ’50)

Morton Fink (BSBA ’51) died November 20, 2019. In 1953, Morton built Kiddytown Amusement Park in Illinois. He also opened Golf Mill Theatres 1-2-3 and Chicago Ridge Theatres, selling both a national chain in 1986. Morton bred and owned two-time Horse of the Year Wise Dan, who won six Eclipse Award championships. 

Anthony W. Gargiulo DDS (BS Biology, ’51) died December 20, 2019. In partnership with the late John Kollar and Peter Roberson, he formed a preeminent practice specializing in periodontics on North Michigan Avenue. Apart from his dental practice, Anthony was an avid gardener who evolved as an enthusiastic weekend “farmer” after purchasing Berrywood Farm in Three Oaks in 1978. Each year, with the help of his family, he raised a wide variety of herbs, flowers and vegetables.

Ellen Hawley (BA Education, ’51)
Flora Nelson (BA Sociology, ’51)
Charles Samet (BS Biochemistry, ’51)
Barbara Wolfson (BA English, ’51)
Sheldon Borchew (BA Psychology, ’52)
Jeanne DeBose (BA Sociology, ’52)
Andrew Ikehara (BSC Accounting, ’52)

Melvin Lerman (BSc Accounting, ’52)
Daniel Feigin (BA Public Administration, ’53)
Bertha Friedman (BA Education, ’53)
Martin Rappaport (BA Psychology, ’53)
Frances Parker (Non-Degree Program in Music, ’54)
Sydney Pearl (BSc Finance, ’54)
Richard Wise (BSc ’54)

Gloria Miner, a longtime friend of Roosevelt University, passed away on January 2, 2020. She grew up the daughter of two Assyrian refugees in Cicero, Illinois — with one sister and three brothers — and discovered her passion for music from an early age, when she began playing the cello. From beginning her career in J. Sterling Morton High School’s music department to becoming one of the earliest female executives at Motorola, Gloria flourished professionally. Her hard work and success allowed her to become a generous supporter of several arts organizations, including Roosevelt University’s Chicago College of Performing Arts.

Since 2003, Gloria had contributed more than $7.4 million dollars to the Chicago College of Performing Arts. She supported the restoration of the Auditorium Building’s historic Ganz Hall; established the Gloria Miner Endowed Scholarship for music students in 2005; and developed the Gloria Miner Chicago College of Performing Arts Project Fund in 2017.

“Gloria’s magnanimous contributions to the college testify to her unwavering commitment to helping others,” says college dean Rudy Marcozzi. “She had an uncanny knack for accepting others as they were — she understood their aspirations and provided extraordinary support to help them achieve their dreams. Her generosity continues to provide scholarship support for talented students and curricular enhancements within the college, like the work of the Center for Arts Leadership. In turn, we can provide an excellent education that encourages students to become artist-citizens who will carry forward Roosevelt University’s social justice mission. Gloria’s spirit and generosity will live on in the lives of others for generations to come.”

Help us honor Gloria’s legacy by making a gift to the Gloria Miner Endowed Scholarship Fund. Contact Jared Fritz-McCarty, major gifts officer, at for more information.

Nadija Chojnacki (BS Biochemistry, ’55)
Harold Karp (BS Chemistry, ’55)
Nan Mayer (BA Philosophy, ’55)
Hetty Noble (BA Education, ’55)
James Reilly (BS Biology, ’55)
Jerry Hoffman (BS Biochemistry, ’56)
Martin Saladin (BSc Marketing, ’56)
Irene A. Friedman (BA Education, ’57)
Harry Gerdy (BSc Accounting, ’57)

William Harris (BS Physics, ’57)
Beryl Shapiro (BA Education, ’57)
Roy Bellavia (BSc Marketing, ’58)
Mara Edelberg (BA English, ’58)
Michele Flay (BA Sociology, ’58)
Jacob Kerrill (BA Psychology, ’58)
Henry Kite (BSc Accounting, ’58)
Carlyle Edwin Stewart (BM Music Education, ’58)
James Tisol (BSc ’58)

Annette (Lieberman) Brenner (BA Education, ’59) was a dedicated teacher for first- through fifth-graders in the Chicago Public Schools system for over 40 years. She was a proud member of the first class after Roosevelt became a university.

Rudolph Davenport (BSBA Accounting, ’59)
Robert Hayes (BS Chemistry, ’59)
Walter Jurkiewicz (BSBA Accounting, ’59)
David Mikell (BSBA Accounting, ’59)

Oswald Mowatt (BS Chemistry, ’59)
Jerold Rosenthal (BSBA Management, ’59)
Robert Sambol (BS Chemistry, ’59)
Marvin Siegel (BSBA Accounting, ’59)


Barbara Lee Cohen (BA ’60) was a Chicago events planner and a devoted volunteer to many causes, including the Special Olympics. For more than 30 years, Cohen also produced entertainment programs at Chicago Bulls home games, including live musical acts performed on concourses before games at the United Center. Under the umbrella of her Productions USA brand, her work came to include organizing events for conventions and conferences, including ones held by the City of Chicago’s Department of Aviation, the American Library Association, the French consulate and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Lynn Small (BA Political Science, ’60) died November 19, 2019 in La Quinta, Calif. Lynn began his career in advertising at Leo Burnett in the 1960s, where he was one of the agency’s first African American employees, and later held leadership roles in marketing and advertising with United Airlines and the Chicago Transit Authority.

Patricia George (BA Education, ’60)
Aaron Sak (BSBA Marketing, ’60)
Nettie Adams (BA Sociology, ’61)
James Bokios (BSBA Accounting, ’61)

Walter Bracich (MA Education, ’61)
Charles Hildreth (MM Music, ’61)
Robert Grossman (BSBA Accounting, ’62)

Michael Meyer Jacobson (BSBA Marketing, ’62) passed away on November 18, 2019. He and his wife, Kay, graduated from Roosevelt as a married couple. Michael took over the family business, Central Furniture Mart, and ran the company for over 45 years. Working side by side with Kay, he made home furnishings available to individuals who could not easily afford them, had lifelong customers and turned a humble business into a Chicago institution.

Alvin Jung (BS Chemistry, ’62)
Frank Lazowski (BA Actuarial Science, ’62)
Irene Seth (BA Education, ’62)
Charles Catalano (MA ’63)
Carolyn Conrad (BA English, ’63)
Jay Gerber (BA Political Science, ’63)
Michael Lowenstein (BA History, ’63)
Elisabeth Mueller (MA Languages, ’63)
Ruth Yohanan (BA History, ’63)
Leah Rebman (BA Education, ’64)
Miriam Alpert (BS Physics, ’65)
Robert Hall (BSBA Management, ’65)
Alan Skora (BS Chemistry, ’65)
Marjory Beattie (MA Education, ’66)
Ruth Fagen (BA History, ’66)
Barbara Fox (BA Education, ’66)
Melvin Henry (BSBA Accounting, ’66)
Frances Lockette (MA Education, ’66)

Michael O’Malley (BSBA Management, ’66)
John Sullivan (BSBA Management, ’66)
Noel Foss (MA Education, ’67)
James Gintzler (BSBA Accounting, ’67)
Betty Goldstein (BA Education, ’67)
Herbert Hartman (MA Philosophy, ’67)
Sonia Irene (Zakaluzny) Wagner (MM Music Education, ’67)
George Basta (BA Psychology, ’68)
Wiletta Clouse (MA Education, ’68)
Janice Harley (BA Education, ’68)
George Kazda (BSBA Accounting, ’68)
Jeffrey Roston (BS Psychology, ’68)
Richard Sinclair (MA Education, ’68)
Stephen Cohen (BSBA Marketing, ’69)
Ann Houser (BSBA Accounting, ’69)
Kenneth Leibach (BSBA Management, ’69)
Pauline Olmsted (BA Languages, ’69)
George Panos (BA Psychology, ’69)

Seymour Patinkin taught chemistry at Roosevelt from 1966 to 2006, and was department chair from 1990 to 1996. A stalwart of university governance, he also served as chair of the Senate. He was also a prize-winning and active member of the American Chemical Society and a founding member of the Lyric Opera.


Barry Donald Saltzman (BS Biology, ’70)
Alvin Frost (MA Psychology, ’70)
Frank Bresnan (MPA Actuarial Science, ’71)
Duane Hansa (BA Education, ’71)
Dorothy Holley (BGS Sociology, ’71)
Elaine Randolph (BA ’71, MA Early Childhood Education ’75)
Lucia Santini (MM ’71)
Calvin Singletary (BSBA Accounting, ’71)
Mary Ann (Capparelli) Sprafka (MA Education, ’71)
Jean Bassindale (MA Education, ’72)
Casimir Bozek (BGS Business Institutions, ’72)

David Dawson (MA Education, ’72)
Dolores Johnson (MA Education, ’72)
Nancy Kurtz (MM ’72)
Roman Szewczyk (BA Psychology, ’72)
Carole (Melcher) Chase (BA Education, ’73)
Earl Corrigan (MA Education, ’73)
Paul Herring (BSBA Finance, ’73)
Garry Singer (BA Psychology, ’73)
Sheila Burford (BGS Sociology, ’74)
Brother Michael Flaherty, FSC (MA Education, ’74)
Myrtle Green (MA Education, ’74)

Larry Jefferson (BSBA Marketing, ’74) passed away on September 24, 2019. Larry enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1967 and served in the Vietnam War. He was honorably discharged in 1969 and awarded several decorations, including the Purple Heart Medal. Larry had a successful career as a sales and marketing executive with Montgomery Wards, The Gillette Company and Abbott Laboratories.

Ruth Neville (MA Education, ’74)
Lucille Sirk (BGS Sociology, ’74)
Gwendolyn Truax (MA Liberal Arts, ’74)
Pauline Ziolkowski (MA Education, ’74)

Ronald Lawler (BGS Computer Science, ’75)
Ernest Love (BM Music, ’75)
Theresa R. Lovette (BGS Psychology, ’75)

Robert A. Bilow (BGS ’76) passed away January 13, 2020. Bob earned his Roosevelt degree after serving in the Korean War. He was passionate about finance and worked for Wyman-Gordon Company for 24 years, as well as Cameron-Miller Company. He was also an avid coin collector and enjoyed Mickey Mouse.

Sophia Bobin (BGS Music, ’76)

Theresa R. Fulbright (MA Early Education, ’76) taught kindergarten and developed the Head Start program at Fiske Elementary School, where she worked for 34 years. She used innovative methods to spark joy for learning in her students. She wrote a children’s song to teach them about Martin Luther King Jr., which is included in the McGraw Hill Education online curricula Spotlight on Music.

William Heywood (BGS Business Institutions, ’76)
James Hurt (BSBA Accounting, ’76)
Marjorie James (BA Biology, ’76)
Edna Leaner (BGS Business Institutions, ’76)
Thomas Riesterer (BSBA Management, ’76)
Amada Samonte (MPA ’76)

Edward Peter Tomkowiak (BGS Business Institutions, ’76)
Patricia Chisholm (MA Education, ’77)
Willodene Collins (BA Education, ’77)
Michael Furuta (MA Education, ’77)
Charlotte Johnson (BSBA Accounting, ’77)
Chester Lee (BGS Computer Science, ’77)

Anthony “Tony” E. Mazzini (MA Clinical Psychology, ’77) of Des Plaines, Ill. passed away on January 5, 2020. After coming to the United States in 1960, Tony was drafted into the U.S. Army and proudly served his country until 1967. He retired from Chicago Lakeshore Hospital after 41 years as a clinical social worker.

Victor Mestan (BS Industrial Engineering, ’77)
Lottie Muzyczko (BGS Computer Science, ’77)
Judith Rogers (MM ’77)

Morris Steward (BGS Public Administration, ’77)
Hattie Wells (BA Education, ’77)
Murdis Adams (BGS Psychology, ’78)

William “Bill” Carl Brandt (BGS Public Administration, ’78) of Las Vegas, Nev. passed away February 9, 2020. He served as the director of public works in Lombard, Woodstock, Waukegan and Hanover Park during his career. Bill loved to drive and fly and was a devoted fan of steam locomotives.

Ravell Dameron (BGS Information Systems, ’78)

Ron Dunlap (MA Education, ’78), of Appleton, Wisc., passed away on October 28, 2019. Ron was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1968. He later played for the Rockford Royals and went on to become the first African American basketball player in Israel. His professional life was devoted to education for 36 years, teaching young people from K-8 to post-secondary levels.

Eric Pendleton (BGS Computer Science, ’78)
Suzanna Purrington (BGS Sociology, ’78)
Omana Samuel (BGS Computer Science, ’78)

Jason Stanton (BA Finance, ’78)
Robert Reardon (BGS Business Institutions, ’79)


Diane Krueger (MA Psychology, ’80)
Mohamed Amer (MS Accounting, ’81)
Betty Black (BA Sociology, ’81)

Scott Janco (MS Marketing Communications, ’81)
Rosanne Ryan (BGS Computer Science, ’81)
Lelon Wiley (BGS Sociology, ’81)

Arturo Palis Angeles (BSBA Accounting, ’82) of Port Charlotte, Fla. died January 27, 2020. He was employed as an accountant for 10 years before being promoted to auditor for 13 years for Peoples Gas & Light Company in Chicago.

Sydney Cochran (BGS Business Institutions, ’82)
Patricia Zavala (BGS Health Care Administration, ’82)
Shirley Carter (BGS, ’83)
Donald Adkisson (BGS Business Institutions, ’84)
Chris Allen Huckleberry (MBA ’84)
Victor Vencill (BSBA Accounting, ’84)
W. James “Jim” Andrews (BGS Computer Science, ’85)
George Meligas (MBA ’85)

Alice Patterson (MA Education, ’85)
Mary Kay (Matias) Willett (MA Sociology, ’85)
Ellen Noble (BGS Communications, ’87)
Joanna Gardner (MA Educational Administration and Supervision, ’89)
Michael Lanahan (BGS Computer Science, ’89)
Steven Magidson (MA Computer Science, ’89)

Larry Eugene Ogilvie (Computer Science, BGS ’89) passed away on October 15, 2019. He proudly served in the U.S. Army, traveling the world, and later retired as a CW3. After his military career, he began a new career with Saturn of Fayetteville before retiring in 2009.


Kenya Lewis (BSBA Finance, ’90)
Thomas Wagner (BGS Public Administration, ’90)
David Davis (BGS Social Science, ’91)

Phyllis Kellogg (BA Sociology, ’91)
Angela Gresser (MA Reading, ’92)


Anthony Aceto (BS Biology, ’05)
Vanessa Brown (BPS ’05)
Roberto Vargas (BS Computer Science, ’01)
Marcia Day (MA Elementary Education, ’05)

Katherine Firak (BGS ’05)
Sinikka LaBranche (MA School Counseling, ’07)
Micah White (BA Early Education, ’09)


Samantha Ranftl (BSBA Management, ’10)

Cheryl Maxwell (MA Clinical Psychology, ’12)