In Memoriam

Fall 2019


Leonard Silverman (BS ’47) of Flossmoor, Ill. died July 2, 2019. After serving in the Medical Corps for the U.S. Navy, he practiced family medicine for 40 years.


James Krueger (BSC ’52) of Chicago died June 3, 2019. He worked in the Social Security department until retirement.

Donald Feurzeig (BSC ’52) of Sausalito, Calif. died July 4, 2019. He worked for the Internal Revenue Service and taught tax law at Golden Gate University. After retiring from the IRS, he joined a private practice to help clients solve their tax matters.

Milton Damlich (BSC ’53) of Des Plaines, Ill. died in July 2019.

Homer Simpson (BA ’53, MA ’61) of Naples, Fla. died July 12, 2019. He was a school administrator, serving as an elementary and secondary school principal until his retirement in 1991.


Albert Vignasse (BSBA ’61) of Tinley Park, Ill. died September 18, 2019.

Robert Thrasher (BA ’61) of Elgin, Ill. died September 16, 2019. He served in the U.S. Army before returning to Chicago for a career in magazine editing and public relations. He was called to Washington to testify before Senator William Proxmire’s banking committee, gathering information that ultimately culminated in the Community Reinvestment Act.

Gale Gross (BSBA ’62) of Davis, Ill. died August 9, 2019.

Wendell Weaver (BM ’62) of Chicago died June 30, 2018.

Herman Taylor (BA ’63) of Charleston, Ill. died August 27, 2019. He was awarded many prestigious grants to study and play the organ around the world.

Bruce Huguelet (BS ’66) of Blanco, Texas died July 26, 2019. He was a proud U.S. Air Force veteran.

Wayne Selz (BSBA ’66, MSA ’68) of Boca Raton, Fla. died in June 2019. He taught at Central YMCA College and Roosevelt University. He collected unused prescription medication for the disadvantaged communities in the United States and abroad.

Richard Sommer (BSBA ’66) of Highland Park, Ill. died July 31, 2019. He was an avid tennis player and coach.

Ellen Frew (MA ’68) of Waukegan, Ill. died in October 2019. She was a lifelong member of the Waukegan Historical Society.

Arthur Crowley (MPA ’69) of Michigan City, Ind. died June 10, 2019.


Joseph Dorchack (BA ’71, MA ’74) of Bolingbrook, Ill. died in August 2019. He worked as a paralegal for Cantor Fitzgerald and taught at DeVry University.

Doyet Lambert (BSBA ’71) of Salisbury, N.C. died June 27, 2019. He served in the U.S. Marines for 20 years with tours in Morocco, Japan and Vietnam.

Carol Wingeier (MA ’71) of Asheville, N.C. died in July 2019.

Florence Triendl (BGS ’72) of Tiffin, Ohio died September 2, 2019.

Larry Jefferson (BSBA ’74) of Flossmoor, Ill. died September 24, 2019. He was honorably discharged from the U.S. Marines in 1969 and awarded several decorations, including the Purple Heart Medal. He had a successful career as a sales and marketing executive, working for companies such as Montgomery Ward, The Gillette Company and Abbott Laboratories.

Jon Schuldt (BGS ’75) of Cleveland, Ohio died September 22, 2019.

Michael Heidkamp (BA ’75) of Chicago died in September 2019.

Kenneth Fulks (MS ’77) of Downers Grove, Ill. died July 19, 2019. He worked in the water treatment industry for over 25 years.

Wilma Sutton (BGS ’78; MPA ’80) of Chicago died in August 2019.

Mildred Jarvis (BA ’79) of Chicago died June 28, 2019. She was a legal secretary who enjoyed dancing, music and travel.


Linda Baskin (BA ’85) of Chicago died in February 2019.

David Witte (BGS ’86) of Fairfield, Calif. died June 3, 2019. He was an IT systems analyst.


Louise Scheirer-Moore (BA ’95) of Chicago died August 30, 2019. She was a member of the International Society of Poets.

Clifton Howard (BGS ’99) of Schaumburg, Ill. died August 30, 2019. He retired from Staples/Quill as the Vice President of Information Technology, eCommerce and Business Intelligence in 2013.


Derek Young (MA ’07) of Chicago died June 19, 2019. He was a Chicago Public Schools teacher.

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