“House Arrest” by K.A. Holt

K. A. Holt is the author of Redwood & Ponytail, House Arrest, Knockout, Rhyme Schemer and several other books for young people. She lives in Austin, Texas. When she is not trying to invent a time machine, K.A. Holt enjoys dusting her giant telescope, reading about zombies, and eating homegrown tomatoes.




Read Aloud Tips

  • Introduce the book by having the students describe a time they felt trapped and misunderstood.

  • Preface the book by reading the summary. Have students predict some struggles they think Timothy may encounter.

  • Use this book to discuss personality responsibility, independence, and maturation. Lead an activity where students describe these terms in their own words, preferably with examples.


“Easy to read and strong on sibling devotion, with frustratingly mixed messages about personal responsibility.” – Kirkus Reviews


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Information Sheet – House Arrest

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