“Freedom’s Gifts” by Valerie Wesley

Valerie Wilson Wesley is an African-American author of mysteries, adult-theme novels, and children’s books, and a former executive editor of Essence magazine. She is the author of the Tamara Hayle mystery series. Her writings, both fiction and non-fiction, have also appeared in numerous publications, including Essence, Family Circle, TV Guide, Ms., The New York Times, and the Swiss weekly magazine Die Weltwoche.



Read Aloud Tips

  • Extend the book by looking up new vocabulary words or topics.

  • Go through the pictures and have students predict what happens next.

  • Bring the illustrations to life and use expression when reading.

Besides providing good basic information on the holiday, the author sketches nicely the loving relationship between Aunt Marshall and June, and the wary, hostile atmosphere between the cousins, which gradually changes.  – School Library Journal

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Information Sheet – Freedom’s Gifts

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