“Hey, Little Ant” by Phillip M. Hoose

Phillip M. Hoose is an American writer of books, essays, stories, songs, and articles. His first published works were written for adults but he turned his attention to children and young adults, in part to keep up with his daughters. His work has been well received and honored more than once by the children’s literature community.



Read Aloud Tips

  • While reading, have students brain storm what should happen to the ant and talk through the reasoning together.

  • Allow time to study the illustrations and deeply understand the overall message. Consider both arguments: the ant pleading to live and the boy who questions the value of the ant’s life.

  • This book can help students become more aware of other things that are different from us.

Hey, Little Ant is the perfect tool to help inspire compassion in our world’s youth, and has a positive message for grown-ups, too! Please share this book and its lessons with your family today. – Jane Goodall

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