“Come With Me” by Holly M. McGhee

Holly M. McGhee is a writer, literary agent, and has been a lifelong lover of words and pictures. She has written under the pen name of Hallie Durand, while also writing the picture books Mitchell’s License, Mitchell Goes Blowing, as well as a chapter book series. She currently resides with her family, her antisocial dog, and her two leopard geckos in New Jersey.




Read Aloud Tips

  • Introduce the book by having the students describe a time when they experienced fear and what they did to overcome it.

  • Go through the pictures and have students predict what happens next.

  • Use this book to encourage students’ comfortability with discussing relevant news reports and current events.

Together, the words and pictures work seamlessly to deliver a powerful message: What we do matters. –The New York Times

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