“1,001 Ants” by Joanna Rzezak

About 1,001 Ants: We’re on an adventure with 1,001 ants! Come visit the ants in their home, meet their queen, and discover how they look after their colony. Then join them on a walk through the countryside, discovering plants, insects, mushrooms, and animals that live outside and in our yards. Spot the ant with red socks hidden on every double page, and enjoy a pleasant stroll through the undergrowth―seeing things that humans are usually too big to notice! 1,001 Ants is an engaging nonfiction storybook for children full of fascinating facts about nature. With lively and appealing illustrations, it’s a must-have for children who are curious about bugs and the animal kingdom.


About the Author

Joanna Rzezak is a Polish illustrator and graphic designer living in Paris. Her work was included in the Bologna Children’s Book Fair Opera Prima illustration exhibition, and she received Poland’s Ministry of Culture scholarship for artistic achievements.





Read Aloud Tips:

  • Introduce the book, author and illustrations.
  • Ask the students what they know about ants and how they behave.
  • Throughout the read-aloud, ask students to describe what they see.
  • Have students draw pictures of their homes and neighborhoods. Ask them to include places that adults or outsiders might be too big to notice.

Facts about different animals and plants have been well chosen to spark curiosity, with sentences arranged informally around the colorful, engaging, and often comical plants and animals. Kirkus Reviews

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Information Sheet – 1001 Ants

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