The New Word Walls To Language Walls

Language Walls are Word Walls expanded to a more sophisticated level to include ideas, notions, images, and much more, providing for deeper discussions. Language walls foster both social and academic discourse, allowing the teacher to document specific aspects of language. These walls allow for building vocabulary in all content areas. The focus of a language wall is on language generation by the students which create new information and understanding about the world.

Check out the Word Walls to Language Walls article by Dr. Margaret Policastro for more information. 



How to implement in the classroom:

These posters (use large sticky easel pads if you do not have a laminated poster) should be used around your room to encourage students to think in chunks of thought, even sentences. The antiquated word wall does not connect the word to a thought, the language wall does. These are used as reminders about what we have been thinking about, reading about,  and discussing; add to them often. When the unit or theme has been covered, place them where they are accessible but not prominent and make sure to use letters large enough for children to see from any seat. Your new Language Wall for your new unit will now have the coveted spot.

Word Wall to Language Wall Template

Language Walls Info Sheet

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