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In the classroom, my goal is to create student-centered learning environments that combine critical thinking skills with problem-solving and collaborative tools that will make our graduates competitive on the global job market. My responsibility to our students does not end when class is dismissed – quite the opposite. My door is always open for extra help and discussions, independent studies, honors theses, careerĀ  counseling, and of course, casual conversations about politics, baseball, zombies and the future of civilization.

Syllabi for frequently taught courses

POS 101: Introduction to American Politics (syllabus)

POS 102: Introduction to Comparative Politics (syllabus)

ACP 250: Transit in Transition (syllabus)

POS 302: Problems in U.S. Foreign Policy (syllabus)

POS 339: Political Violence and Terrorism (syllabus)

POS 345: Global Digital Activism (syllabus)

POS 358: International Relations of the Middle East (syllabus)

POS 368: Oil and Trouble: The U.S. in the Middle East (Syllabus)

POS 390: Election 2018 (syllabus)

POS 392: Iraq From Saddam to ISIS (syllabus)