Professor David Faris

On WGN News, July 2013

On WGN News, July 2013

Welcome to my home page! Above you’ll find tabs with links to my syllabi, published work, c.v. and projects. If you’re a prospective student and you want to know more about Roosevelt’s Political Science program, please email me at and follow me on Twitter @davidmfaris.


Recent Work

Interview with WGN Radio on ISIS.

What Happened, If It Happened: The Islamic State and the Eclipse of the Arab Spring.

Q&A on ISIS and the Middle East.

Video: Conversation with Marc Lynch of George Washington University.


Published in May 2013: Dissent and Revolution in a Digital Age: Social Media, Blogging and Activism in Egypt. See the tab labeled “book” above for more details. Acquire a copy for your university library!