Laptop Loaner Program

Roosevelt University Student Loaner Laptop

Roosevelt University is pleased to offer laptop computers with wireless network capability for use by RU students. These laptops are configured to provide student borrowers with the same functionality as other RU computers. For example, students may use these laptops to search the internet, type papers, create presentations and Excel charts.

To request a laptop, please complete this form.

After submitting this form, please allow 3-5 business days for your request to be reviewed and processed. If there are laptops available, and you are eligible to receive one, you will be contacted via your RU email address and asked to schedule an appointment to pick up a laptop. Please understand that submitting this form does not guarantee you a laptop as unfortunately, supplies are limited.

Eligible Borrowers:
-Current enrollment with 6 or more credit hours (3 or more in the summer)
-Enrolled in an active program
-Are currently enrolled with at least six credit hours (three in the summer).
-No previous violations of Loaner Laptop program
-Must present a valid RU Student ID when checking out a laptop

Borrower’s Responsibilities:
Students will be asked to read and acknowledge by signing the RU Student Loaner Laptop Use Policy each time they check out a laptop. The student borrower is responsible for the proper use and safe return of the laptop computer and all peripheral devices. Student users must be able to independently utilize the installed applications, as RU personnel will provide no application support. If a laptop exhibits hardware issues, however, student users must notify Information Technology at, so that technical support may be arranged or a replacement device provided.

Use of Laptop Computers:
-The student borrower is responsible for the safe return of the laptop and associated peripherals to the Office of Residence Life from which the laptop was borrowed. If the student borrower does not return the laptop, fees may be assessed, as described below, and a hold may be placed on their RU student account.
-The student is not responsible for normal wear and tear or hardware failures. The student borrower is responsible for the full replacement cost of the laptop, if it is damaged, lost, or
stolen, or if any peripheral devices are damaged or made inoperable in any way while the laptop computer is checked out by the student.
-All user files will be removed from the laptop’s hard disk after each use. Any data that is saved to the hard drive will be lost. RU is not responsible for deleted files. Student users are instructed to save their files often to removable media (e.g., a USB flash drive).
-Although every attempt will be made to provide student users with fully charged laptops at checkout, RU does not guarantee that laptops will have full battery power at checkout. An AC adapter will be provided to student borrowers at checkout, however, and it is their responsibility to return the laptop, along with the AC adapter, and all other peripheral devices, at the end of the borrowing period.
-Student users must adhere to the RU Reasonable Computer Use Policy and all other applicable RU policies, State or Federal Laws, and contractual agreements.

Check Out:
-Eligible students must present a valid RU student ID as well as read and acknowledge by signing the RU Student Loaner Laptop Use Policy the first time they check out a laptop and each time thereafter. Only one laptop computer may be borrowed by a student during any given period.
-Loan duration is limited to 2 weeks (14 days) maximum. This can be extended if there is no waiting list available.
-Availability is on a first come, first served basis.

Check In:
-The student borrower is responsible for the safe return of the laptop and associated peripheral devices to the Office of Residence Life from which the items were borrowed.
-RU staff on duty will check to confirm that the laptop and peripheral devices are returned intact. This check-in process will take approximately 5-10 minutes. It is highly recommended that the student borrower wait while the laptop is examined and, therefore, plan accordingly for this delay.
-Upon successful return of the laptop loaner equipment students will receive an email notification indicating same.
-Failure to return the laptop loaner equipment to the location from which it was borrowed and/or failure to pay for damages will result in a charge to your student account of up to full value of the laptop and a loss of borrowing privileges.

Please contact with any questions.