Student Concerns and Misconduct

Mission Statement

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is responsible for the administration and interpretation of the student code of conduct and facilitates the resolution of instances of student misconduct reported by members of the University Community. In addition, Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities serves as a universal starting point for students who need assistance in exploring and addressing their concerns and grievances pertaining to university departments, faculty, staff, or other students.

Office Services

Student Advocacy Services

Student Crisis Support and Advocacy Services exists to help guide you through personal challenges you may encounter during your time at Roosevelt that may conflict with your ability to be a successful student. Whether you are dealing with issues of crime victimization, safety and security, health emergencies, family issues, or interpersonal concerns, we are here to advocate for your needs. Please contact us if you need assistance at

Student Conduct Checks

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities record check is a letter of clearance that verifies you, as a current or former Roosevelt student, have not violated any university policies or been subject to any disciplinary actions or proceedings. These requests are typically required by graduate and professional schools, state bar associations, government agencies, or independent agencies when applying for admission or employment. If you are a current or former Roosevelt University student, or an investigator completing a background check, please bring or submit your request to our office for completion.

Our office MUST receive a signed waiver from the student that allows us to share educational records in order to complete a discipline check. On most institutional forms, there is a section that the student is asked to sign for this purpose. If you need a separate waiver form, please download the student conduct waiver form.

If you are a current or former student who needs to have an Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities certification or conduct record check completed, of if you are an investigator completing a background check, please bring or send the form to be completed to our office via email at:

Conflict Coaching

This is a one on one discussion between Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities staff member a student in conflict with another who is unwilling to engage in meaningful dialogue. The goal is to identify the resolution approach that best meets the student’s interests and needs.

Conflict Mediation

Mediation is a process guided by Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities staff where two parties in conflict meet to discuss a mutually beneficial resolution. This is achieved by clearly identify each party’s interests, needs, and resolution options. Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities staff may provide suggestions or recommendations. A written agreement will result, and the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities staff member will follow up with all parties to ensure it is being fulfilled.

About Our Office

Authority and Scope

The Student Code of Conduct is recognized as the standard process for handling incidents of student misconduct. The Code is independent from and may be implemented in addition to any other university documentation, policies or processes which may exist and relates to matters of student behavior. This Code governs all students who are registered at Roosevelt University at all campus locations, including online, and applies to both on-campus and off-campus conduct. In particular, off-campus behaviors that may impact the University or educational environment in any way fall under this Code. All Codes within the Student Code of Conduct are in accordance with University Policies. A student’s withdrawal from the University does not preclude the completion of the misconduct process and resulting disciplinary action.

The Student Code of Conduct and Public Law

Students continue to be subject to city, state, and federal laws while at the University and violations of those laws may also constitute violations of this Policy. In such instances, the University may proceed with disciplinary action under this policy whether or not civil or criminal proceedings have been instituted against the student and may impose sanctions for violations of the policy independent of any criminal or civil penalties that may be ordered. Any proceedings initiated through the University’s Student Code of Conduct will not be abandoned or withdrawn solely on the grounds that the criminal or civil charges have been dismissed or reduced, nor will the disciplinary proceedings be delayed pending the outcome of the criminal/civil charges.The student code of conduct is subject to changes and updates.


Roosevelt University prohibits retaliation. Any inappropriate or unsubstantiated action taken or threatened against another individual because the individual has, in good faith, made an allegation or has participated in any manner with an investigation is prohibited.