About Roosevelt

Message from the President

Dear Roosevelt student,

Welcome to the new academic year! On behalf of the faculty and staff at Roosevelt University, it is my pleasure to share our Student Handbook.

We believe that every student who attends Roosevelt receives a top quality educational experience, and every member of our community is deeply committed to your success.

Our faculty is passionate about connecting classroom instruction to real-world opportunities, and our staff is dedicated to connecting you to the resources and providing the support to make your experience at Roosevelt extraordinary.

The Student Handbook is a resource to help acquaint you with University life and will provide information about our community, offices and services that are here to assist you and inform you about important policies and procedures.

Roosevelt was founded in 1945 on the principle that every qualified person should have access to an exceptional college education. Today our mission is stronger than ever, lived fully each and every day in the way that we challenge our students to make the most of themselves and the world around them.

All my best,

Ali Malekzadeh