Pardon Our Dust | The Next Construction Phase

The next construction phase in the Auditorium Building will begin the night of Thursday, January 30, 2020 and continue for through March 13, 2020.

Renovations will be done in the following rooms:

  • AUD306 – will become the Cisco Network Lab for Robert Morris Experiential College programs
  • AUD316 – will become the Repair/Breakdown Room for Robert Morris Experiential College programs
  • AUD330 – will become the Cloud/Green Computing Lab for Robert Morris Experiential College programs
  • AUD534 – will become the Nursing Lab for Robert Morris Experiential College programs
  • AUD603-613 – will become the Surgical/Med Tech/Multi Skill Technician Labs for Robert Morris Experiential College programs
  • AUD611-615 – will become full-time faculty space for the Robert Morris Experiential Nursing and Surgical/Med Tech/Multi Skill Technician programs faculty

Thank you for your patience while we continue to prepare our space to welcome the Robert Morris students, faculty and staff!

Pardon Our Dust | Upcoming Changes to Our Campuses

As Roosevelt University continues to prepare for the pending integration with Robert Morris University Illinois, several updates will be made to spaces across Roosevelt’s campuses. These efforts will help ensure that the spatial needs of students, academic programs, faculty and staff are addressed throughout the next few months.

Below are updates currently planned for the spring and summer of 2020. This page will be updated as additional information becomes available.

Designated spaces for full-time faculty, as well as adjunct faculty, are currently being developed and will be completed throughout the months of January, February and March.

  • Effective immediately, the Adjunct Workroom will be in Auditorium Room 244.
  • Shared office spaces will be available to full-time faculty in Auditorium Room 260 and in the Schaumburg 300 Suite.

Academic Programs
Spaces required for academic programs new to Roosevelt are currently being developed and will be completed beginning in April.

  • The Experience-based Learning Institute will be housed in Auditorium 650 and Schaumburg 713.
  • Auditorium 442 will become the Center for Professional Advancement
  • Two eSports arenas will be housed in Auditorium 256 and Schaumburg 373.
  • The Cisco Network Lab will now be located in Auditorium 306 and the Cloud/Green Computing Lab will be in Auditorium 330.
  • New laboratory spaces for Nursing and Medical/Multi-Skilled Labs will be housed in Auditorium 534 and Auditorium 603-615.

Student Support Services
Renovations will be made to select student support service spaces throughout the spring semester. These spaces include, but are not limited to:

  • The Office of Academic Advising (Wabash Mezzanine Level)
  • The Office of Career Development (Wabash 3rd Floor)
  • The Learning Commons (Auditorium 10th Floor)

Work within the Lillian and Larry Goodman Center, as well as the Barry Crown Fitness Center will begin in summer 2020.


Presidents’ Fireside Chat on Student Involvement | Recap

In an effort to engage students in targeted conversations about student involvement, Presidents Ali and Mablene hosted 10 Roosevelt and Robert Morris student leaders on Monday, November 18 for the first Presidents’ Fireside Chat. The group included undergraduate and graduate students, as well as a wide representation of student organizations and disciplines.

The group openly discussed diversity and inclusion, athletics, performing arts, student organizations, and the desire for greater collaboration between university departments. Additional topics included the motivators that drive students to participate in extracurricular activities and the barriers that keep them from doing so.

Future Fireside Chats will be scheduled in the coming weeks as part of an effort for focused engagement with both institutions’ students, faculty and staff.

Chicago Campus Tours | Recap

On Friday, November 15, over 40 students, faculty and staff from both institutions toured the Roosevelt University downtown facilities. The tours were led by Roosevelt admission staff, and explored existing spaces and proposed build-outs of the Wabash Building facilities, the historic Auditorium Building, and the Lillian and Larry Goodman Center. Thanks to all who planned and participated in this event.

Schaumburg Open House | Recap

On Friday, November 8 more than 175 individuals from Roosevelt University and Robert Morris University Illinois participated in the Building a Stronger University Schaumburg Open House. Participants began the day touring RMU’s athletic facilities in Arlington Heights and then proceeded to Roosevelt’s Schaumburg Campus. Tours of the Schaumburg campus highlighted proposed build-outs and space allocations for the newly expanded University, providing participants the opportunity to give feedback. President Mablene Krueger ended the open house by hosting an open forum and luncheon.

Thank you to all faculty, staff and students who participated in this event.

Integration Task Force Update

First and foremost, thank you for the overwhelming response and willingness to participate in the integration task forces — more than 200 Roosevelt and Robert Morris faculty, staff and students have volunteered.

Over the next few days, the Building a Stronger University steering committee will review and finalize the task force assignments and provide detailed guidelines to all task force members. It is very important that all Roosevelt and Robert Morris employees stay focused on their current responsibilities; however, it is also expected that time be set aside each week for task force work. Therefore, the steering committee encourages task forces to designate Fridays for the Future for meetings and related work.

Lastly, in order to achieve operational excellence in all administrative functions, 15 Roosevelt and Robert Morris colleagues are attending a three-day session on systems thinking and process mapping, which will be followed by sessions on change management and project management. Task force members will also have an opportunity to attend 60- to 90-minute sessions on process mapping and project management in order to help integrate processes, functions and technologies across the two Universities.

Roosevelt University Announces Intent to Integrate Robert Morris University Illinois into Roosevelt

Together Building a Stronger and Expanded University

Chicago, ILOctober 2, 2019President Ali Malekzadeh of Roosevelt University and President Mablene Krueger of Robert Morris University Illinois announced that Roosevelt has submitted an application to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) to integrate Robert Morris University Illinois into RooseveltRobert Morris would be integrated into, and continue under the name of, Roosevelt University. The combination of the two universities would help them build on their historic missions that honor diversity and access to education, welcoming first-generation students and minorities.   

“We have been working with Robert Morris’ leadership team to ensure that it is a good fit for our respective students, faculty and staff,” said Malekzadeh. “Because of our complementary programs, and inclusive, yet distinct, missions of social justice and social equity, it is a perfect fit for both our universities’ students, faculty and staff and provides countless opportunities for everyone. We hope for this to be a model approach on how to successfully integrate two private universities. 

Together, Roosevelt and Robert Morris would be nationally recognized as a catalyst for students from all walks of life to receive transformational learning experiences. Students who attend the expanded Roosevelt University would become socially conscious citizens who thrive in a diverse and changing world. 

I’m very excited about partnering with RooseveltThere are many synergies between our two Universities,” said Krueger. This and the universities’ proximity will enable immediate implementation of best practices and programmatic expansion, while ensuring a seamless transition for the students, faculty, staff and the community as a whole.” 

Roosevelt plans to create a new college, the Robert Morris Experiential College, in which many of Robert Morris current programs would reside. Robert Morris would bring to Roosevelt a strong leadership team, strength in experiential learningand complementary programs, and over 1,800 students. Its nursing programs and associate degrees in allied health would complement the strong baccalaureate programs that Roosevelt has in biology, biochemistry, allied health, and health science administration. In addition, Robert Morris offers a Master of Information Systems that would fold into Roosevelt’s Computer Science Programs, and there would be new opportunities in the Culinary and eSports fields.   

This announcement is part of Roosevelt’s Building a Stronger Roosevelt initiative, a three-pronged approach to improve enrollments, grow revenues, and cut expenses while investing in academic programs. With the Robert Morris integration, Roosevelt University would become academically and financially stronger, laying a deeper foundation today and for the future.   

Malekzadeh commented, “President Krueger and I are committed to making sure that the legacy of Robert Morris is preserved during this integration, and that both universities learn best practices from each other for the benefit of the students, faculty, and staff.” 

The application is subject to the approval of the HLC, Illinois Board of Higher Education, U.S. Department of Education, and the governing boards of Roosevelt and Robert Morris. Filing the application is the first step in the process and constitutes the Universities’ joint request for permission to pursue the proposed transaction. 


Press Inquiries & Questions 

Nicole Barron
Chief Communications Officer
Roosevelt University 

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