Upcoming Town Hall & Voter Registration Deadline


University Town Hall

You’re invited to join President Ali Malekzadeh for the University Town Hall tomorrow, October 14 at 1:30 p.m.

Zoom: https://roosevelt.zoom.us/j/95200640679

Voter Registration Deadline

Election Day is fast approaching. Join the Roosevelt community to get out the vote. For Illinois, the last day to register to vote online is Sunday, October 18! Get registered today by going to allintovote.org.

Show us you’ve registered by posting a photo or video using the hashtag #RUAllIn and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card to the RU bookstore. (The gift card can be used for online bookstore purchases too.)

Save the date for November 2 when we will come together as a community to build excitement for Election Day and discuss important social justice topics. Make your voice heard on November 3.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Tip of the Week

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month! This week’s featured topic is email security.

A vast majority of spam is blocked by our security software, but some spam messages do make it through to mailboxes. Most emails that do make it past the security software are “zero-day attacks,” which are new methods of phishing making it hard for our security software to detect them as malicious. If you happen to get such an email, you can click on the “Report Phish” button in Outlook, or simply forward the email to spam@roosevelt.edu. Once the security software verifies the message as spam, similar messages from other mailboxes can be removed.

“Spear phishing” or targeted phishing attacks may use a Roosevelt lookalike email. For example, instead of an email from jdoe@roosevelt.eduthe sender’s email may look like jdoe.roosevelt.edu@gmail.com. Such emails will begin with a notification that it was “sent from an external user” (non-Roosevelt.edu account).

The targeted phishing attacks become more difficult to identify if an email address is “spoofed.” In this case, the email will appear to come from a Roosevelt employee or student, but there often are several aspects of the message that should raise suspicion:

  • The subject makes it seem like immediate action or attention is required.
  • Vague information: no references to real employee names or locations, and just enough information to induce recipients to click on the link.
  • Grammatical and formatting errors.
  • Links that go to a non-Roosevelt website.

Always verify the message by visiting a referenced website (for example, the Roosevelt Help Desk or Amazon.com) directly, not by clicking on the link provided in the email. Remember, if the offer in the email is too good to be true, it likely is.

If you question the legitimacy of any message, you can forward it to spam@roosevelt.edu or submit a ticket with the Help Desk. Your attention to these details is an important part of keeping all of our information safe!


Irresistible Leadership: Mastering the Art of Leadership
Tuesday, October 20 I 4 p.m.
Zoom: https://roosevelt.zoom.us/j/99250138943

Presenter: Janet Reeves-Wilson (BA, Biology ’81), coach, behavioral strategist, certified DISC and Motivators Practitioner, and adjunct professor at Roosevelt.

The art of leadership, or how to build rapport with anyone you meet, is a very valuable skill, particularly now. Leadership is about making and building positive relationships and leaving a positive first impression. Meetings, interviews and business transactions are being conducted online, and knowing your and other’s behavioral style will help you build instant rapport and communicate more effectively.



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