Get Out the Vote & Cybersecurity Awareness Month


Get Out the Vote 

Roosevelt University is participating in a city and statewide campus voter turnout competition #ChicagoVotingChallenge #ILVotingChallenge. Take a moment to visit ALL IN To Vote to register as a new voter or to confirm your registration details.

If you have questions or need more details, contact Meagan Jarmuz at or Pamela Thompson-Hill at

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is cybersecurity awareness month! This week’s featured topic is employment opportunity scams. Because cyber villains know that college students are looking for work, they target students with phishing employment opportunities that include quick payment and low commitment.

However, these offers will contain red flags such as:

  • Requiring you to pay a fee to be employed or pay for the equipment to do the job.
  • Jobs that promise high paychecks, don’t look for any relevant experience, reach out to you directly, or are at-home jobs to do at “your leisure.”
  • Requests to verify your banking information. Do not give out your credit card information to anyone over the phone.
  • Overpaid paychecks. If you get any checks with more money than you were supposed to get paid, do not deposit the check. Pro tip: banks take a while to figure out if a check is fraudulent; just because the money is available in your bank account does not mean the check is legitimate.
  • Claiming you have been hired when you never applied. As a rule of thumb, if anyone contacts you for any offer, it’s a scam. Employers only contact people that specifically apply for the job.
  • Claiming that it is a federal job that was previously “undisclosed.” Federal jobs are always public information found on the website.
  • Job placement services offering placement guarantee. Always check for fees. Often, they will just give you job opportunity information that you can find on your own with a quick Google search.


Town Hall
Wednesday, October 14 I 1:30 p.m.

Please join President Ali Malekzadeh for the University Town Hall.

Irresistible Leadership: Mastering the Art of Leadership
Tuesday, October 20 I 4 p.m.

Presenter: Janet Reeves-Wilson (BA, Biology ’81), coach, behavioral strategist, certified DISC and Motivators Practitioner, and adjunct professor at Roosevelt.

The art of leadership, or how to build rapport with anyone you meet, is a very valuable skill, particularly now. Leadership is about making and building positive relationships and leaving a positive first impression. Meetings, interviews and business transactions are being conducted online, and knowing your and other’s behavioral style will help you build instant rapport and communicate more effectively.



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