Urban Prep Academies of Chicago Agreement

Dear Roosevelt Community,

I am pleased to announce a new agreement between Roosevelt University and Urban Prep Academies of Chicago to share classroom space in our Auditorium Building.

Urban Prep is a nonprofit organization in Chicago that operates a network of all-boys public schools, including the country’s first charter high school for boys. Their mission is to provide a high-quality and comprehensive college-preparatory educational experience to young men that results in graduates succeeding in college. The schools are a direct response to the urgent need to reverse abysmal graduation and college completion rates among boys in urban centers. While most Urban Prep students come to the schools from economically disadvantaged households and behind in many subject areas, Urban Prep remains committed to preparing all of its students for college and life.

Urban Prep Academies currently operates three open enrollment public charter high schools in high-need communities in the city of Chicago. At capacity, these three schools will enroll approximately 2,000 students. Over 85% of students qualify for free/reduced lunch, and many come to Urban Prep several grade levels behind in the core subject areas.

Roosevelt is very excited to support Urban Prep and its mission. There will be a maximum of 200 students and faculty present on campus, though only 60–75 on campus at any given time due to remote learning. All those who plan to be on campus will be following the strict guidelines and protocols outlined in the Return to Campus plan on the COVID-19 website, as well as corresponding state and local mandates.

This new reality we are all in, as a result of COVID-19, has forced us to adapt, shift and rethink our industry and how we do business. This means being open to change and leveraging assets to better serve the community and the University. This announcement is doing just this and reflects the larger Building a Stronger University strategic plan, a three-pronged approach to improve enrollments, grow revenues and cut expenses while investing in academic programs.

I am personally pleased we are able to provide Urban Prep the space needed in order to continue the much needed and very important work they do for Chicago in filling the education gap, helping prepare secondary education students for college.

Please contact president@roosevelt.edu if you have any questions.

Please join me in welcoming the Urban Prep Academies community to Roosevelt.

With Kind Regards,

Ali R. Malekzadeh, Ph.D.