Building a Stronger University Update

Dear Roosevelt Community,

I am pleased to announce a new agreement between Roosevelt University and Columbia College Hollywood (CCH) to share building space at the Chicago Campus beginning this fall. The collaborative venture will add new academic offerings for students at both institutions through a broad array of general education courses and CCH electives from their degree programs in cinema, visual effects and recording arts.

Both institutions will remain independent and continue to award their respective degrees.

With campuses in Los Angeles and Chicago, Columbia College Hollywoodoffers undergraduate degrees in cinema, graphic design and interactive media, visual effects, and recording arts. About 275 students attend the Chicago branch and concentrate in fields such as cinematography, screenwriting, directing, editing, visual effects and sound recording. Our two institutions will bring distinct, yet compatible academic options as well as a shared commitment to diversity and hands-on learning.

In August, Columbia College Hollywood will relocate its Chicago operations to Roosevelt facilities. Select CCH classes will be held in person, following the health and safety guidelines laid out in Roosevelt’s Return to Campus plan along with corresponding state and local mandates.

In future semesters, the course exchange agreement will provide transformational learning opportunities for our students. CCH students will be able to enroll in Roosevelt’s liberal arts and business courses for credit, creating ladders into programs that complement their interests. Roosevelt students will be able to explore specialized CCH course work taught by filmmakers, sound engineers and other active professionals. The agreement will also support stronger career outcomes by encouraging new connections between our institutions and alumni networks.

Recent shifts in higher education have challenged universities to be open to change. This announcement is part of Roosevelt’s Building a Stronger University strategic plan, a three-pronged approach to improve enrollments, grow revenues and cut expenses while investing in academic programs.

I am confident that the Columbia College Hollywood community will enrich our campus environment and provide new academic options for students at both institutions. If you have any questions, I encourage you to email me at

Please join me in welcoming the Columbia College Hollywood community.

With warm regards,

Ali R. Malekzadeh, Ph.D.