Office Move Schedule

As we welcome our new colleagues from RMU, please be advised of moves over the next several weeks listed below. These spaces may adjust slightly so please refer to this website frequently for updates.

Roosevelt Staff:

Roosevelt University downtown staff are expected to move on the following dates:

Thursday, March 5

Some CSI Student Orgs will be moving from Wabash 322 suite to Aud 442.

Friday, March 6

McNair Scholars will move from Aud 104 to WB 322
Oyez will move from Aud 540 to Aud 576
Illinois Labor History WB1806 suite to Aud 540

Wednesday, March 11

Marketing WB1802 to WB1806

Robert Morris Staff:

Robert Morris staff and/or faculty are expected to move on the following dates from RMU to the various RU departments listed below. Listed are general department move dates. For specific locations, please contact your immediate supervisor.

Monday, March 16

Advising to be moved into WB1M10 suite
Registrar to be moved to WB1M11 suite
Career Development to be moved to WB324 suite
LTS/Infrastructure to be moved to AUD264
LTS/Tech Admin to be moved to WB17th floor
LTS/Help Desk to be moved to AUD632
Marketing to be moved to WB 1806 suite
LTS/Library to be moved to AUD1009-suite

Wednesday, March 18

Admission to be moved to WB116 suite

Friday, March 20

Student Affairs to be moved to AUD104-C / WB323-suite

Monday, March 23

Financial Aid to be moved to WB1M16 suite
Business Office to be moved to AUD128
Purchasing to be moved to AUD128
Business Office/Payroll to be moved to AUD128/Payroll
Bursar’s Office to be moved to WB1M
Campus Safety to be moved to AUD1M11
Physical Resources to be moved to WB B16
Finance to be moved to WB1802-C
Grants to be moved to AUD272
College of Education to be moved to AUD1752- Tower
COE/Grants to be moved to AUD650

Wednesday, March 25

Heller College of Business WB 1112-Q or HH

Thursday, March 26

RMEx College to be moved to AUD260 suite
RMEx College to be moved to AUD611-615 suite