Speak up, boys

So, you’re a man; a living, breathing, human male. And you don’t sexually assault other living, breathing humans (as you should not). In upholding this requirement of being a decent human, you probably think you’re doing all you can to diminish rape culture on campus.

However, you can do more. We all can.

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More important than winning

There is a misconception about what I do for a living.

The common belief is that my professional passion as the athletic director at Roosevelt University lies somewhere between sports, generally, and the pursuit of winning, specifically. While there is no denying my love for athletics, and the validation that comes from winning, it is not what gets me excited about coming to work every day.

My passion is our students and the opportunity I have to make a profound impact during a transformational period in their lives.

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Visiting the Counseling Center: What to expect

In recent years, there has been increasing focus and attention on the prevention of and response to sexual violence. However, some may still feel silenced when they attempt to reach out. At Roosevelt University, we want all our students to feel heard. One place to get help is the Counseling Center, where I work as part of a team of psychologists and therapists.

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