Less is not always more

I have always been too much.

I am 19 years old and have measured just inches from six feet tall for the greater part of my life. It’s comical now to think of: the loud, talkative, five-foot-nine-inch, 9-year-old version of myself ambling through a sea of miniature fourth graders. I was happy and it didn’t faze me for the most part. Until one day when an older boy teased me, telling me girls shouldn’t be bigger than boys. And when a female teacher told me a girl my size shouldn’t speak so loud.

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Feminism, the Internet and your voices

We believe the web can be used to promote social justice causes by raising awareness and passion. Dialogue can be the first step toward action. To that end, we’ve started #RUjusticechat, a series of Twitter chats moderated by members of the Roosevelt community.

For the first #RUjusticechat, Marjorie Jolles, Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, led a robust discussion of feminism in the Internet age.

See the conversation on Storify, and follow us on Twitter so you can participate next time too.

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“A Rape on Campus” and a necessary discussion

In my professional and personal lives, I have listened to many people share their stories of surviving sexual assault. Some spoke with their chins lifted and their eyes locked on mine. Others looked over my head at the wall or down at their hands. I have read numerous accounts of assault, some descriptive and detailed, some vague, some plain and direct, and some poetic. I have watched performances, read fiction and scholarly articles, and taken part in conversations about sexual violence.

I have heard a lot of stories.

And that is one small way I try to help bring about change: by bearing witness.

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