Realism or Idealism: Which way to peace?

As the United States and Iran struggle to come to an agreement about the future of the Iranian nuclear program, it is worth considering the role of social justice in international affairs. The proper role of values in foreign policy is a question that has bedeviled thinkers for centuries, and there are, essentially, two schools of thought, defined loosely as “realism” and “idealism.”

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Less is not always more

I have always been too much.

I am 19 years old and have measured just inches from six feet tall for the greater part of my life. It’s comical now to think of: the loud, talkative, five-foot-nine-inch, 9-year-old version of myself ambling through a sea of miniature fourth graders. I was happy and it didn’t faze me for the most part. Until one day when an older boy teased me, telling me girls shouldn’t be bigger than boys. And when a female teacher told me a girl my size shouldn’t speak so loud.

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