Lab News, Feb 2017

Dr. Elliott’s abstract, “Individual differences in contrast sensitivity functions with and without adaptive optics: direct estimates of optical and neural processes in young and elderly adults using factor analysis”, was accepted for a poster presentation at Vision Science Society, 2017!

Lab News, January 2017

Our manuscript, titled “Attitudes about race predict individual differences in face adaptation aftereffects” was accepted for publication in Vision Research. The manuscript will be featured in the special issue on Individual Differences. This work was a combined effort between Dr. Jill Coleman and the Vision Science Lab!

Lab News, January 2016

Our abstract, Chu, Coleman, & Elliott, “Racial category boundaries and racists attitudes” was just accepted for an oral presentation at the Midwestern Psychological Association conference, to be presented in May, 2016! Congratulations, Kelly Chu!

Dr. Elliott is set to give a talk to the UChicago Biological Sciences Postdoctoral Association on Friday, Jan 22. The talk will focus on career development: teaching at an academic institution. The talk will take place on the UChicago Campus, BSLC Rm 205, at 3:30.