“And Justice for All” Ep. 16: Transgender Through Time

Transgender rights are one of the major battlegrounds in the ongoing struggle to secure and expand the rights of all Americans. Guest hosts and Roosevelt professors Margaret Rung and Andrew Trees welcome two faculty experts to explore the past and present of the movement.


Celeste Chamberland is a professor of history. Her teaching and scholarship focus on the history of medicine, mental illness, public health and early modern Europe with an emphasis on race and gender.


Natasha Robinson is a lecturer in the Department of Government, Law and Justice. She has worked as an attorney specializing in criminal defense for 20 years and was an assistant public defender for the Law Office of Cook County Public Defender for 12 years. Natasha also headed the Law and Public Safety Academy, a four-year pre-law honors program at Hirsch High School and Al Raby School for Community and Environment.


Today’s guests will talk about the historical context of the transgender rights movement, going to back to early modern and pre-modern times, and criminal justice issues related to the trans community.


Professors Margaret Rung and Andrew Trees are the programming co-chairs of the American Dream Reconsidered Conference, held September 14–17. Learn more and register at roosevelt.edu/americandream.