Protest Activities and City of Chicago Lockdown

Dear Roosevelt Community,

We are one University grounded in the mission of social justice. I support those who peacefully protest and are committed to bending the moral arc away from the structural racism that happens every day. While many of you may have participated in the organized protests throughout the City last night, unfortunately, like in many cities across the nation, the events turned into a harmful direction of violence and destruction that damaged our community and businesses.

As a result, the Loop Campus buildings are closed until further notice due to some of the City of Chicago being on lockdown. Only essential personnel will be allowed access to campus, as well as residential students. There will be no public transportation into the city and only Chicago residents and employees, with proof, will be allowed access into the perimeters of the City Business Center. Please keep in mind, all of this occurred in the context of an ongoing pandemic. Please continue your social distancing, wear face coverings – continue to keep yourselves and loved ones around you safe and healthy.

Residential students should be mindful of their safety should they decide to leave campus. Due to citywide mandated curfew, all residential students should return to campus by 9pm and stay on campus until 6am when the curfew lifts. Please know the safety of our students and staff is my utmost priority.

The university did not sustain major damage. There were five windows broken along Wabash Avenue and some graffiti. I am grateful that university property was left, for the most part, untouched, and that our personnel on campus were safe. My sincerest gratitude to those who are working to protect our students and essential employees.

More information regarding the specific details of the lockdown.

I don’t want us to forget about the loss of George Floyd and the many other Black men, women and children, who have lost their lives to police violence in this country. We will continue to be an advocate for our students, faculty, and staff during this turbulent time, particularly for the black and brown individuals who live with the daily fear and trauma brought on by societal actions.

Please continue to visit for ongoing updates.


Ali R. Malekzadeh, Ph.D.