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Ramp Up Your Pantry Basics with These Recipes

As an avid cook, the pantry is my favorite place to get creative with basic pantry staples. Here are some recipes to spark your cooking creativity: Oatmeal: Tea Infused Oatmeal: Overnight Oats:    3 Ingredient Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies:   No Bake Energy Bites:   Rice: Wild Rice Burgers: Sticky Rice: Easy Mexican Rice:  Rice Pudding:…

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Balancing Self-Care and Productivity

Harvard experts are claiming that most individuals are in a state of grief because we lost normalcy and gained uncertainty. They recommend to accept the circumstances and move forward. Easier said than done, right? A big part of accepting is finding balance, being able to take care of yourself and being aware of what needs…

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How to Stay Connected During Social Distancing

You may have noticed that social distancing has taken a toll on you emotionally, which is completely normal. Right now, the best way to help yourself is to connect with others. Here’s a guide on how to stay virtually  connected during social distancing:   Pick a Platform: There are various options to choose from, to…

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Streaming Services on a Budget

With the abundant amount of time spent streaming in the recent days, it’s likely you’ve considered trying out a new streaming service. According to Forbes, the average american spends about $30 on streaming services a month. To help keep your costs down, here’s a list of free streaming services and student discounts to help keep…

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Virtually Explore The World From Home

With the current circumstances, many of us find ourselves at home and away from friends, but with the advancement of technology, there are several different options we have to stay connected and explore new things. Here are some virtual experiences you can have from from the comfort of home. Tour Exhibits: Google Arts & Culture…

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Exploring Chicago: Spring Break in Chicago & on a Budget

With over 50 million yearly visitors, Chicago is one of the top 10 cities to visit in the United States. As Roosevelt students we’re lucky to be located in the center of the city! If you’re stuck in the city for spring break, I put together an itinerary to make sure your week is far…

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Who is ALAS?

The Association of Latin American Students (ALAS) mimics a family atmosphere whose desire is to learn and understand more about Latinx culture while empowering and supporting each other as students/individuals.   What Does ALAS do? ALAS promotes Latinx awareness and culture richness through social and educational activities in efforts of strengthening diversity within RU.  …

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Exploring Chicago: 5 Insta-Worthy Restaurants You Should Visit:

With the cold weather taking all the natural greenery, I like to escape to some local restaurants that give off the summer patio vibe. Here’s a list of some of my favorites:   Happy Camper Locations: Old Town & Wrigleyville     Paradise Park Locations: Wicker Park     Cindy’s Locations: The Loop   Beatnik Locations:…

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Who is YDSA?

  We are the Young Democratic Socialist of America. Our mission is to educate and organize students and young people and to play a helpful and principled role in the movement for social justice. Within and throughout this struggle, we will articulate and defend the idea that true human liberation is impossible under capitalism. We…

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Exploring Chicago: Free Indoor Fun This February

Chicago has an abundance of places to visit, but visiting museums on free admission days is always the best! Here’s a list of what’s free this February: Adler Planetarium February: 4-6, 11-13, 17-20 (Illinois Residents Only)     The Field Museum February: 1-29 (Illinois Residents Only)     Art Institute of Chicago: Free museum admission Monday…

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A Procrastinator’s Guide to a Successful Semester

According to American Psychological Association, 80-95 percent of students procrastinate when it comes to their academic studies. It’s a habit that if we can’t quit, we have to learn to deal with. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up through my college years that will hopefully help you: Look at Your Schedule: Take a…

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Who is RU Green?

RU Green works within Roosevelt and out in the community in very hands-on ways. Whether we are getting our hands dirty on the rooftop garden or picking up trash in areas of Chicago that could use the extra help, we are always making a difference. Our mission is: To make the Earth a little greener,…

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