Roosevelt University's Student Life Blog

Meet Miranda, a sophomore marketing major

“I was originally drawn to Roosevelt because of the urban location and vertical campus concept. After being here for almost two years I fell in love with the diverse community and everything this school has to offer.”


Meet Sarah, a junior actuarial science major

“I transferred to Roosevelt my sophomore year and absolutely fell in love with the campus and community. Roosevelt has help me grow so much as a person and student, and the experiences I’ve had here have been so rewarding.”


Meet Becca, a sophomore political science major

“I work here, I live here, I learn here; but most of all, this is where I feel at home. I was first drawn to RU because of the beautiful Wabash Building and location. I then learned about our powerful social justice mission and I knew this was the place for me.”

Meet Kat, a social entrepreneurship major

“Even though I am a business major, art is a huge passion of mine, so I spend a lot of time painting and taking lots of pictures! Living in the city is one of my favorite things.”

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