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Mikaylah Anderson

Meet Your RA: 25th Floor

Hello Everyone! My name is Mikaylah Anderson, I am your new Resident Advisor here in the Wabash Building. I’m sure I have big shoes to fill, but I plan to do my very best in helping you all grow this semester! I am currently a Freshman pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a minor…

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Nora Harstford

Meet Your RA: 31st Floor

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! My name is Nora Harstford and I am your Resident Advisor in the Wabash Building. I am currently a junior studying Jazz Voice in CCPA. As a music student, I’m practicing all the time in my room. so if you ever hear me, just know this is…

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Tiffany Melvin

Meet Your RA: 30th Floor

Hello!! Congratulations for being accepted to our wonderful university where you will learn how to fly! This is a very hard-working hive and we are so excited to have you a part of our buzy buzzing family. There are so many things to learn and explore in this vast land. You may be wondering where…

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Khaliyah Jackson

Meet Your RA: 29th Floor

Hello, my name is Khaliya Jackson and I will be your Resident Advisor (RA) this academic year. This will be my first year as an RA so, I am very excited to meet everyone in the fall! It will be my second year at Roosevelt. I am double majoring in Sociology/Political Science and minoring in…

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Diana Payne

Meet Your RA: 28th Floor

Welcome to Roosevelt University residents of the 2019-2020 school year! I am so happy to be your RA! To start off I’d like to give you a short bio about myself. My name is Diana Payne, I’m a senior (woohoo!) a Psychology major and this is my third year as an RA. My family and…

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Madalyn Ivy

Meet Your RA: 27th Floor

Hey Residents! Welcome to the Wabash Building! I’m Madalyn Ivy; I am so eager to be your Resident Advisor. I am looking forward to getting to know you all and to making many memories with you! This is my third year at Roosevelt and my first year as an RA; I am a CCPA (Chicago…

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Michael Kirby

Meet Your RA: 26th Floor

Hello Fellow Bashers!! My name is Michael Kirby, but you can just call me Kirby. I am a junior in the CCPA Music Conservatory, double majoring in Voice Performance and Music Education. I am very excited to be your Resident Advisor (RA) for the 2019-2020 school year. This will be my 2nd semester of being…

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Kyle Bode

Meet Your RA: 24th Floor

Hello Everyone! My name is Kyle and I’m going to be the RA for your floor! I’m going to be a Junior Acting Major as part of the CCPA Theatre Conservatory. I grew up in Orange County California and I have lived there my whole life. When I first moved to Chicago, I was a…

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Michael Krupp

Meet Your RA: 23rd Floor

Hello, and welcome to a galaxy far far away… The 23rd floor of the Wabash building! Congratulations for being accepted to Roosevelt University, and for those of you returning, welcome back. Just like the many corners of the Star Wars galaxy Roosevelt University has many resources available. Over by the elevators is a board with…

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Stephanie Covarrubias

Meet Your RA: 21st Floor

Hello Everyone! My name is Stephanie Covarrubias and I’m your Resident Advisor (RA) in the Wabash building for the 2019-2020 school year! This will be my first year as an RA. I’m super excited to get to welcome you all here to our community. I look forward to getting to know everyone, as well as…

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