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RU Student Government Association – Special Elections!

RU SGA Special Elections

Voting is Open!

6pm on Thursday, September 17th through 6pm on Wednesday, September 30th

Why is there a special election? Great question! A special election takes place when positions remain vacant after formal Spring elections commenced.

A specialized link was sent to all enrolled degree seeking students via Qualtrics 

Meet the Candidates

Chandler Sullivan is a second-year music education major with a saxophone performance minor, and performs in many ensembles such as a saxophone ensembles and large group ensembles. In addition to his studies, Chandler is a concert assistant for the performing arts college and had the opportunity to be an orientation leader this Fall for Roosevelt’s very first virtual orientation week. Being part of SGA last year allowed Chandler to expand his awareness of issues impacting the entire university, not just those of CCPA students. With that awareness comes great responsibility and Chandler wants to help amplify the voices and opinions of the students all around the university, especially during these continued uncertain times. Chandler is excited for the opportunity to serve as the SGA Vice-President.

Stacey Garcia Flores is a transfer student currently in her third semester at Roosevelt as a criminal justice major with a minor in paralegal studies. Stacey is a proud McNair Scholar and social justice activist who understands the importance students place in their experiences both in and out of the classroom. Stacey acknowledges how the shift to #ZoomUniversity can impact the college experience and wants to serve as the SGA treasurer to do her part in making this process just a little bit easier on everyone. Stacey is confident that her role as a student success committee member has prepared her for this opportunity and would be honored to serve as the next SGA Treasurer.

Running Unopposed?!

Yes, both candidates are running unopposed as no other qualified candidates were interested in running for open positions. We do STILL NEED your vote!  With all elections, it is most beneficial if we have, at the very least, 25% of the student body officially vote in our new officers.

If you’d like to run next time as you’d like to represent the university and advocate on behalf of the student body, we encourage you to join SGA as a senator. Applications are currently open for this academic year – please apply by pressing this link.

Candidate Eligibility

Please know that each candidate for an executive board position must meet these minimum criteria in order to run or be voted in. (Write-in candidates must also meet this criteria)
Eligibility to run for SGA Positions:
– Maintain good standing both academically and with student conduct
– Must have been enrolled for a minimum of 2 semesters at Roosevelt University
– Must have previously served on the RU SGA senate
– Applicants must be a full-time enrolled/degree seeking student at the time of application for the open position AND for the duration of their appointment  (Appointments for current open positions are for one academic year only)
– Must have received endorsements to run for an open position

Questions? Contact CSI at CSI@roosevelt.edu or SGA@roosevelt.edu

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