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Who is RU Green?

RU Green works within Roosevelt and out in the community in very hands-on ways. Whether we are getting our hands dirty on the rooftop garden or picking up trash in areas of Chicago that could use the extra help, we are always making a difference. Our mission is:

To make the Earth a little greener, cleaner, and happier.

We hold informational meetings on how we can be more sustainable in our everyday lives, we go to protests to strike against climate change, visit farmers markets to support our local farmers, and do the occasional eco arts and crafts for members to take home. Whether that be a terrarium they made or a painted flower pot. We have also conducted donations for winter items to be distributed to the homeless, to not only keep the homeless warm for the winter but to also divert textiles from landfills.

Why Join:

Join us to get involved with a community that all have an interest in helping the planet, fighting for social justice, and having fun doing so.

How to Join:

Send either Sophia or me an email and we will simply add you to the mailing list with when and what our meetings are. You are also welcome to just DM us on Instagram to get a hold of us as well.

Contact Information:

We usually meet every other Wednesday at 5 pm. Email us to stay updated on our meetings or follow us on Instagram @rugreenclub.

Executive Board 2019:

Title: President

Role/Responsibilities: Leads the members in activities, organizes events, publicly speaks on behalf of RU Greens mission, and markets and advertises for RU Green through Instagram and email.

Name: Samantha Schultz

Major/Year: Psychology, Senior

Contact Info: sschultz10@mail.roosevelt.edu



Title: Vice President

Role/Responsibilities: Help come up with ideas for meetings, send emails, and make Instagram posts.

Name: Sophia Gallo

Major/Year: Sociology, Sophomore

Contact Info: sgallo01@mail.roosevelt.edu


Sandy • February 12, 2020

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