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Registration for Clubs and Organizations is now open for Spring 2020! 

To start a NEW organization you must have the following ready. You will need this information to complete the registration form: (If registration is completed by January 23, 2020 you can participate in the Student Involvement Fair)

    1. Identify a Roosevelt University faculty or staff member to advise your organization
    2. Have the names of at least 7 Roosevelt students interested in being a member of the organization
    3. Have the name and purpose of your organization prepared

You should NOT register/re-register in Spring 2020 if… 

  • your organization was active and recognized in Fall 2019
      • has maintained the same executive board leadership since Fall 2019
      • the minimum of 2 executive board officers attended the Student Organization Training in Fall 2019

You SHOULD register/re-register in Spring 2020 if… 

  • your organization was not active in Fall 2019 but would like to re-activate
  • your organization has new leadership and therefore needs to re-register
  • your organization has never existed at Roosevelt University & you have the three listed items above that are needed to start a new organization
  • your organization no longer has the required number of 2 executive board officers who attended Student Organization training trained in Fall 2019

To submit the Student Organization Registration Form go here

Please contact CSI@roosevelt.edu with any questions.

ealvelo • January 14, 2020

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