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As shown in the chart above, podcast popularity has increased substantially in the past decade. If you have ever stumbled into the realm of podcasts, you know that podcasts cover a vast array of topics. With podcasts gaining popularity and being another platform to reach an audience, Roosevelt University’s student newspaper, The Torch, introduced a podcast of their own this past fall. Here’s some insight on the official Torch Podcast:

What is Torch Podcast about?

The Torch podcast covers a wide variety of topics, but we generally try to base our episodes off of what is being published in the Torch newspaper that week. We touch on each of the Torch articles and web exclusives being ran in that week’s edition, and preview the articles being published the following week. Although we like to try and focus on the Torch, we often drift into Roosevelt-related discussions and our own personal experiences with certain issues. We have fun talking about everything from current events at the school to breaking news such as the RU/RMU integration, funny stories from our respective childhoods and college life in general.

Who are the contributors?

Amanda Landwehr

My name is Amanda Landwehr, and I’m a second year journalism & media studies major at Roosevelt. I’m originally from the Twin Cities region of Minnesota, and to be completely honest, I never listened to podcasts prior to starting my position at the Torch podcast. I’ve always considered myself to be more of a visual person in terms of entertainment, so I went into this project with almost no knowledge of the world of podcasts.



Reyna Estrada

My name is Reyna Estrada, and I was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. I am a second year student at Roosevelt University, studying Journalism and Political Science. I also do not have much knowledge about podcasts in general, but I have always been fascinated with the idea of exploring different avenues in storytelling and podcasts can be a great way to do so.



Jules Banks

My name is Jules Banks, and I’m a second year student at RU double majoring in international studies and journalism & media. I’m originally from Columbia, MO. I frequently listened to true crime podcasts on long drives, but never did I think I’d be involved in one! It’s a much different genre from true crime, but listening to those podcasts helped me understand how the flow of this media is supposed to go.




How did the idea of a podcast come about and when were you able to actually execute it? Did you have any difficulties starting the podcast?

The Torch team had been talking about starting a podcast project for years, but nobody initiated anything prior to the beginning of this semester. All three of the podcast hosts are enrolled in the same journalism course (JMS 219), and for one of our projects we had to record a short audio piece. Our instructor, Billy Montgomery, is coincidentally the supervisor for the Torch, and was the first to suggest that us three spearhead the podcast. As quickly as the following week, Jules and I had recorded the first episode and Reyna joined us the week after.

Although the whole project has been pretty seamless, we had some difficulties figuring out the flow of the discussion when recording the podcast. We wanted the podcast and the newspaper to be connected, but framing the podcast as an extension of the news was simply not engaging enough to us or the audience. Because of this, we wanted to make the podcast more conversational so it became kind of trial-and-error for a few episodes as we tried to balance news-related information with free-flowing discussion and banter between the hosts. We’re still trying to iron out some of the kinks, but we have a pretty even balance of both unstructured conversation and more formalized discussions relating to the newspaper.

How can we listen to the Podcast?

As of now, the Torch website is the only way to stream the podcast. But we are planning on expanding our social media, and hope to find alternative ways to stream the episodes soon.

How can someone contact the Torch Podcast if they want to be featured?

If someone wants to contact the Podcast, we would love to hear from you at rutorchnews@gmail.com, or feel free to DM us on instagram @rutorch. Additionally, people can message any of us personally on social media, or simply stop us in the hallway. Our office is in AUD 374, so feel free to stop by if you’re interested in an in-person discussion!

Sandy • November 1, 2019

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