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Top Reasons to Have an Internship While in School

Did you know that only about 27 percent of graduates find a job after graduation? Those that do find jobs say the one thing that helped them out was their internship experience.

#1 Boost Your Resume


Getting an internship is a great way to build your resume. Today’s job market is more competitive than ever and a good GPA isn’t enough to cut it. Standing out is a great way to catch a future employer’s attention out of all the other applicants.

#2 Learning Experience


Every internship will be a different experience, and with each comes a new learning experience. Even if the internship you’ve been offered wasn’t the one you were hoping to get, learn from it in any way that you can.

#3 Have Fun


Internships can be a fun experience and they’re a great way to get out there and expand your social wings. It’s going to be filled with ups and downs and it might not be perfect, but you have to make the best of it.

#4 Meet a Future Employer


Your internship organization could potentially hire you for a full-time position after you graduate. Be sure to maintain good relations with colleagues and keep in touch, as they could be great resources and references for future work.

#5 Build a Network


At internships big or small, you’re going to meet people who have the same interests as you and are already working in the same industry or are working your dream job. Working an internship gives you the opportunity to meet more people within your field of interest —the closer you get with co-workers, the more people you’ll have in your contact list.

#6 Acquire New Skills


Going to school and learning about the industry is nothing like being out in the field and getting real, hands-on experience. As an intern, you get to experience work first-hand, giving you the upper hand when it comes to future hiring.

#7 Gain Confidence


You’ll learn plenty of new skills, meet new people and build your resume at an internship, but you can also really boost your confidence. Knowing you have all this experience under your belt will make you feel more confident moving on to future interviews.

Lydia Makdah • May 16, 2018

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