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What Social Justice Means to Roosevelt Student

Social justice is more than just a buzzword to Roosevelt students — it’s a commitment to taking action and working to improve our communities every day. Here’s what social justice means to some of our students.



Aster Simpson, junior, IMC

“Equality for all — in terms of opportunities here at Roosevelt, I would say there is equality.”


Amber Barkes, sophomore, English

“It’s the equal treatment of people, most of all. I do see it here at Roosevelt. You see it in the different opportunities students can have, and there’s always room for improvement.”



Jennifer Vazquez, early childhood education major

“It’s being able to be yourself without worrying about what other people think about you. I think social justice plays a big role here at Roosevelt because you can state your opinion here and people won’t shut you down. I see it in classrooms where people will say what they feel and others will listen. Everyone has an opinion and their opinion is validated, I think that’s something Roosevelt really values.”



Amin Ellis, jazz and contemporary music

“To me, social justice means being accepting of everyone around you, no matter what they’re like or what their beliefs are. I see it through the compassion that the teachers give and through the students.”


Charity Seaborne, director of student rights and responsibilities

“I think a social justice space is where everyone has a seat at the table and everyone is included regardless of the identity that they hold. Regardless of their race, sexual orientation, religion, political views, people can come to a space and get that sense of belonging. When I think about social justice here at Roosevelt, I think about how we respond to injustices. For example, we have created non-gender restrooms, created a food pantry for students in need of food or hygiene products, we have emergency housing on campus, et cetera.


I think the University and student organizations respond and advocate for themselves. I think that’s what it’s all about, educating folks and making sure different groups feel welcomed on campus.”



Madelyn Broniarczyk, freshman, English

“Social justice is the ability for everyone to succeed at the same level with the same opportunities. I do see it happening here at Roosevelt, it’s taught in a lot of our classes and shown in our student organizations.”



Cody McHale, freshman, political science and history

“Social justice is making sure that everyone receives the same opportunities regardless of any other factors. We definitely do that here at Roosevelt through our student support systems. I personally see it through the disability services and multicultural student services, and that’s really what brought me to Roosevelt.”

Lydia Makdah • April 23, 2018

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